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The Cocooners is a lifestyle blog written by Camille Cochran (me!).   I'm an all too relatable gal truckin' away at life as a full-time working mother and wife who dreams of Prada and Pottery Barn. 

I'm originally from Dallas but have since become a suburbanite, though still living in the DFW Metroplex (Little Elm, to be exact).  I will always be a city girl at heart, and I make sure to tell my husband that constantly!  I was married in 2008 and we had our son in 2012. My little family makes me so happy and the amount of joy, gratitude and blessed feelings I get from them are immeasurable. 

I was a model and very briefly an actress in another life. I've always been obsessed with fashion.  My mom got me a subscription to Vogue when I was about 13, I believe. Smart lady. I used to dress up in her sweaters and wear them to school as a dress belted at the waist, with my Madonna boots.  Mind you, I was in third grade. I was never afraid to express myself tastefully with clothing. I tend to wear neutrals and I love black but color doesn't bother me at all.  My love for music comes in a close second to fashion.  Music does a soul good.  

Hopefully through this blog, you can get to know me and be inspired.  I touch on lots of topics relevant to my Lifestyle: parenting, marriage, pregnancy (you know, when pregnant), recipes, entertaining and lots of fashion!  Feel free to email me with questions or to introduce yourself.


I love shoes.

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