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The Cocooners is a lifestyle blog written by Camille Cochran (me!).  I'm an all too relatable gal truckin' away at life as a full-time working mother and wife who dreams of Prada and Pottery Barn. 

I'm originally from Dallas but have since become a suburbanite, though still living in the DFW Metroplex (Little Elm, to be exact).  I will always be a city girl at heart, and I make sure to tell my husband that constantly!  I was married in 2008 and we had our first son in 2012 and our new baby boy in 2016. My little family makes me so happy and the amount of joy, gratitude and blessed feelings I get from them are immeasurable. 

I was a model and very briefly an actress in another life. I've always been obsessed with fashion.  My mom got me a subscription to Vogue when I was about 13, I believe. Smart lady. I used to dress up in her sweaters and wear them to school as a dress belted at the waist, with my Madonna boots.  Mind you, I was in third grade. I was never afraid to express myself tastefully with clothing. I tend to wear neutrals and I love black but color doesn't bother me at all.  My love for music comes in a close second to fashion.  Music does a soul good.  

Hopefully through this blog, you can get to know me and be inspired.  I touch on lots of topics relevant to my Lifestyle: parenting, marriage, pregnancy (you know, when pregnant), recipes, entertaining and lots of fashion!  Feel free to email me with questions or to introduce yourself.


I love shoes.

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