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November Goals and Motivation

Thursday, November 1, 2018

So thankful it's here - see what I did there!!

The Cocooners Zyia Active Goals

I am excited to challenge myself to some new personal and work goals and help you with yours! 👊🏼 What kind of support do you need?  If it was easy it wouldn't be a CHALLENGE!  How can I help?

Any personal goals you guys want to share?  Here are mine! Making it happen y'all!!

Personal goals:
1} Continue Gratitude journal (working hard on this)
2} Up my Yoga practice to 5 times per week
3} Drink green juice 3 times per week
4} Do NOT gain weight!!

Zyia goals:
2} Sell 10 pairs of leggings
4} Sell 5 sports bras

Totally doable, right??

I also cannot wait for Thanksgiving but I am very nervous about the possibility of gaining weight.  So I may throw some major cardio days in somewhere this month.  I've been asking about any new programs but haven't heard much so I'm thinking I'll do some Slim in 6 or Insanity Max 30.  We'll see.  I want to be ale to indulge for the Holidays but not lose all the progress I made from when I went Keto earlier this summer.  

Do you guys have any tips on how to stay motivated to keep your wight down over the Holidays?  I'd love any advice!

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