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What to Wear for Family Holiday Pictures

Friday, October 26, 2018
Where I live in North Texas, Family Photos for the Holidays are a BIG deal.  And you must book your photographer early!  You have to get all this done and print your holiday cards too.  I used to be so against the family photos as Christmas cards but I've warmed up to them.  It's personal and also a treasured keepsake for loved ones.

However, it can be stressful deciding what an entire family should wear for Holiday pictures and especially since they are such a treasured memento.  Sometimes, your photographer will give you tips on what to wear based on your setting or location.  But I have some tips too.

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My #1 color and style tip is to wear blue.

Now, if you are not a fan of blue, no worries. Wear what you want.  It's just that blue looks good on everyone in photos.  And yes, even holiday photos.  You do not have to stick with red and green.

You gotta coordinate!

Add interest and familial meaning to your photos by coordinating colors and patterns.  You do not have to be matchy, matchy - in fact, it's preferable that you are not too literal with coordinating everything!  This is 2018 people, not 1978, although a fantastic year, ;-P!

In the above pic, my dudes (this is from 2015, before Briggs) both had on plaid and I had on stripes but we all have red on in some capacity.

Set the Style.

All this means is to make sure everyone is dressed in the same manner, meaning either everyone is dressed casually or everyone is dressed formally.  It should be obvious that Dad shouldn't be in a tux while mom is in jeans and a puffy vest, but I've seen photos where folks were really dressed all over the place in relation to style and it's confusing.  Stick with one style of dress.

Some good themes are:  

Winter Wear

Chic Christmas

Cozy Southwestern

Playful Prep

Holiday Elegance

*Anything Goes but we don't want to look homeless!
Some people could give 2 shakes about coordinating and making sure styles match.  They just want to look decent.  And that's ok!  Here are some great pieces that just work for whatevers!

Are any of you jumping on the trend of photo cards this year?  I'll be sure to post ours!

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