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What to Pack for a Late Summer Vacation

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Ah, the Late Summer days of August and September are usually a bustling time.  Parents are sending kids back to school.  Shopping is major cardio this time of year as the seasons transition.  The third quarter ends and business goals are evaluated and set anew.   

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It's also the last opportunity to have a summer vacation and enjoy the long days and the warm weather before Fall and before the back to school craziness!  

I'll soon be visiting San Antonio and staying at La Cantera Resort.  Montreal had been on my radar for a while (remember this post) but after careful consideration, the timing wasn't right.  The costs were a bit higher for nicer hotels, travel times a bit longer, you get the drift.  Maybe next year, Montreal.  

Scottsdale was a strong contender.  It is an easy flight, there are loads of things to do and it has a great food scene.  After seeing The Phoenician Resort, we were almost sold.  It is amazing and I almost want to go for the Afternoon Tea service alone!

However, the winner, La Cantera Resort is just so special.  It is awesome as a stand alone resort but the area also has a lot of draws - gorgeous scenery, shopping and great restaurants.  This seemed like the perfect place for us to get away for an easy late summer trip to celebrate my 40th birthday!!  Also, saving money on travel (we decided to drive) would allow us to get a bit more bang for our buck at the resort and plan some good birthday activities.

Speaking of activities, one of the main things you need to do when planning a vacation is deciding what you are going to do and then making sure your wardrobe accommodates.  I love planning and packing so it was fun to come up with some must have items.  Over-packing is not my stylo except perhaps when it comes to shoes.  Actually, I think I pack light so I can have more room for shoes, ha!

I actually bought a lot of these items specifically for our trip so you'll see them in action on this #realwoman here in a few weeks on the blog.  The goal of this trip is maximum relaxation and chill so everything is pretty causal, however the resort is so nice, I had to opt for a couple of summer dresses.  We will be spending a good amount of time at any of the many pools for sure.  Read on to get a few ideas on some great pieces you can take on your late summer vacation as well.  

2 or 3 tops
A casual top - try stripes
A colorful top you can dress up or down
Optional - a camisole or tank

2 or 3 dresses
A casual daytime option - again with the stripes
A figure flattering wrap dress for dinner
Optional - a dressier maxi for a special occasion (birthday!)


A pair of white jeans (not pictured)

Don't forget sunglasses and a cute hat for the pool.

2 to 3 swimsuits
Depends on length of vacation.  You always want to have a dry one.

This mombod will be in a one piece.

A coverup (not pictured)
Sometimes I just go with shorts.

Crossbody bag
So effortless and easy

A roomy tote
Doubles as a beach/pool bag

Casual Slides
For me, it's my Birks!

Dressier slides

Espadrilles are a must!

Optional jewelry
It can be a pain to pack but can really elevate an outfit.

Of course, this doesn't include undies, pjs, toiletries, sunscreen, etc.  We all know to pack that stuff by now, right??

So are any of you taking a vacation before the craziness of Fall hits us?  Where to?  Please tell us in the comments!

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