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Kindness Matters

Friday, August 3, 2018
Happy August and happy Friday!!  I just have a short and sweet message for you today.

Kindness matters.  Love this quote from the cutest book ever, "Everything Grows With Love" from @workmanpub.

I hope that people realize that no politician, man, woman, husband, wife, boss or any other person they hold in high regard should be more important than showing human decency and kindness to others.  Nor should money be a priority above decency, either.  Duh, right?

I feel so sad at the state of the world and especially America right now.  Sure, there has always been division, disagreement and discourse but it's just on another level these days and has me feeling pretty down at times.

I feel like some people have so little real control over their lives (or feel as such) that they take issues and politics and just go mad with rhetoric and "opinions" and are so thirsty to believe almost anything especially from a negative point of view.  The saying, "misery loves company" became a cliche for a reason, because it is true.  It is such a sad truth.  

Although I tend to teeter evenly between being a realist and an optimist, I choose optimism (at least for today, ha)!  In the spirit of optimism, I challenge you to rise above negativity in your life and perhaps shine a little light and positivity in your circle.  Don't be so quick to argue or judge.  Take a moment before you say something that might be hurtful to another, even if you feel it is justified.  Try to empathize or at least sympathize with others.  See how that makes you feel.  Perhaps you will inspire others to do the some and we can slowly embrace happier, more unified times. 

Have a great weekend!  Be the change!!

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