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Summer Dress Refresh

Friday, May 25, 2018
The Dress.

I would say it's making a comeback but it never left.  I'm just experiencing a resurgence of love for the frock, especially since the latest Royal Wedding

Now I don't know what occasions you wear dresses for but I hardly wear them.  So this resurgence has me thinking about practicality and staying true to my style.  I don't have any weddings coming up but I do have a few social engagements where a dress would be more than appropriate.  I am also obsessed with the idea of a breezy cotton or linen striped midi dress but haven't quite found the perfect one.

Luckily, as a loyal Nordstrom customer, I got word that their Half-Yearly Sale is on now.  And since girlfriend (me) is on a very strict budget (so not fun), I need a sale!

My favorite finds are featured below.  There is 1 dress in the collage not from Nordstrom's (the yellow one) but the price was too good so I had to usurp this post with it.

Blue - because blue looks good on everyone. EVERYONE! 

Again - stripes.  This one is not a midi dress but vertical stripes are slimming and lack and white is always right.

Yellow floral.  Think Amal Clooney but for brunch instead of a fancy wedding.

I wish I did have a wedding to attend because THIS would be my dress.  Coral ruffled goodness.

Yes, I featured this dark eggplant color shirt-dress because 1} It's cute AH and 2} not everyone likes light colors all the time.

Another summer wedding contender, but in a bold print, softened by light colors.

Does your summer social schedule cause for dresses?  Are you more inspired to wear dresses these days?  Do you need to refresh your dress game for summer?  I have so many questions about dresses!

Shop more fun frocks here (not all from Nordstrom's):

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