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My First Royal Wedding: Reaction and Commentary

Saturday, May 19, 2018
In other words, how can I make this wedding about me?  Ha!!!

Admittedly, I love English "Pomp and Pageantry" but I actually did not watch Prince William wed Kate Middleton, although I do generally follow them as couple these days.  And I don't recall watching Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer marry - I was only two years old at the time.  But the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really had me feeling some type of way.  Some type of good way.

Here's why.

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 I felt an immediate connection to Meghan Markle because she is bi-racial.  It matters and it doesn't matter.  Do you know what I mean by that?

We shouldn't care because we know that people are people and race is just a historical matter of the origin of our ancestors as far as I am concerned.  But, culturally and socially, it matters a great deal.  I feel so connected to her as another bi-racial women growing up in America from the same generation.  For me, being bi-racial or as I prefer it, multi-racial, was always super special.  Not better or worse than anyone else, but different and I enjoy being different.  I always have.

I too have a very racially ambiguous look and I too always got the question, "What are you?", to which, quite flippantly at times, I'd reply, "um, a human".  Most times, however, I would just answer that I'm black and white.  It was also a bit surprising to people that my mother is black and my father is white, not the more common "other way around."  Really silly, don't you think?  But the curiosity of others never offended me or caused me any negative feelings.  That is not the norm for others however.  The now Duchess of Sussex may have had a more profound experience being bi-racial and has stated that as an adult she finally felt more comfortable in her own skin.  I feel drawn to her.

So to see this lovely, bi-racial American on such a public stage, finding love, living a fairy-tale, still being true to herself and not shying away from her heritage or her passions, had me feeling some type of way.

And I've always liked Harry.  He had to grow up with the world watching him and go though some very hard times.  To me, he is allowed to make mistakes.  He has certainly paid his dues and become quite a gentlemen.  I was officially obsessed and into this whole royal wedding guys!

With that, here are some of my social media posts, comments, and general thoughts on this lovely affair, just in case anyone cares.

This fun game:  "What's Your Royal Wedding Guest Name?"
Start with Lord or Lady, grandparents name, pet's name, add "of" and then the name of the street you grew up on.

Mine is Lady Elizabeth Sebastian of Shadybrook.  My husband's is Lord Albert Tyson of Penn.  Both fairly regal sounding!

On the dress: I have no clue but let's just throw out Stella McCartney or Jenny Packham. Dang Meghan Markle gonna have me waking up at 5 am tomorrow. I don't do these types of things... 
Friend: So. Givenchy it is! Thoughts? Me: Loved it. I was hoping for something not too lacy so yay! It was so classic and elegant but that veil was fit for a princess. Stunning!  

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Highlights: when he took off her veil (😍), the Bishop's address (I mean, I feel the love preacher man 🕆), and when the parade was almost over and she was overcome after passing the crowds (you could see that she was in awe and humbled 🙄). My first Royal Wedding.  It was worth waking up early for. 👑❤

In response to the internet freaking out about her stray hairs: "When Harry said, "You look amazing. I'm so lucky," do you think she gave (or gives) a care that anyone thinks about flyaway hairs. She was classic, elegant, lovely, real and refreshing!!

In response to people posting about how much they don't care (which I can understand) and also applies to how I feel about what we can do to elicit change (after the Santa Fe school shooting and too many countless others): I hope all the Americans who don't care to watch the Royal Wedding will at least at some point listen to Bishop Michael Curry's "sermon". It was so meaningful and relevant. That is what America needs. Love. Especially for others. Love your neighbors' children too. Be interested in the pursuits of others not just in your own or your family's. Care about the well-being of others, genuinely not just out of courtesy asking about one's day. Be of service to others. Your life will change for the better and slowly, our world will change for the better. Oh, and stop worshiping money above God and all other things. K. Thanks. Bye and blessings!

That was pretty much all I had to say on social media.

For the record, I woke up at 6 am and not 5 but was still able to see the ceremony live.  I loved the entire wedding, her dress, her style and I loved Harry's uniform.  Seriously loved!  The wedding was so refreshing and lovely.  I'm not sure I've ever been happier for 2 complete strangers who are a world away from me.  I hope they do change the world and inspire us even more with their giving hearts and meaningful causes.

I wish them many congratulations, blessings and most of all, continued love.

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via Getty Images
This is by far my favorite picture of the day.  #DianasView via Press Association {Yui Mok}

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