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Easy Home Decor Update With PhotoWall

Friday, March 2, 2018
Thank you so much to for partnering with me on this post.  I received my choice of a canvas print and frame to review and all opinions expressed are my own.

I know it is a bit funny that my blog is supposed to be about being "styled at home" but I rarely post decor articles.  I'm looking to change that especially now that I have more time to focus and making my house more of a home.  Ah time, it is the best luxury.

As someone who values time above so many other things, I was thrilled when reached out to me to review their stylish canvas prints with do-it-yourself frame.  They have such a great selection of images or you can use your own.  This was the hardest part of the entire process - choosing what print I wanted!  And they have a video that shows how incredibly easy installation is.  Click here to read more about and read on to see what I selected.

Shipping is really fast and the packaging is streamlined and not bulky at all.

I decided on this gorgeous and moody print.  Love it!

I was not kidding when I said assembly was easy.  You lay the canvas on a flat surface.  Line up the frame evenly (the video says to measure but I didn't.  I live dangerously).  You do want to make sure the "lip" on each frame piece is on the inside - I did not pay attention as evidenced in the above picture and had to rearrange the pieces correctly (see below picture).  Then peel off the adhesive and press firmly to secure.

Next, you add the brackets.  Just don't tighten them all the way until you have a good fit.  The video will show you specifics.  Again, it's a very quick process. You can literally open the package and be ready to hang your canvas in about 5 minutes.  It IS that easy.  The only tool I needed was a pair of scissors to open the shipping box.  You may need a screwdriver to attach an anchor and the hanging mount to the wall but I already had an anchor in place on my wall.

Ta da!  I think it is so cool.  This is eventually going to end up in my bedroom however.  I think the mood fits better than in my dining room.  But you can find a print for any "mood" you need or again, upload your own image.  I was so impressed with the service and the entire process that I'm thinking of getting a mural for our media room.  So fun!!

Now, as a special treat, has given my readers (that's you!) a special 20% discount code available to use the entire month of March.  How great is that?!  Use TheCocoonersCampaign2018 at checkout to receive your discount.  I did want to mention that is also one of our amazing sponsors for the Spring Retreat in April.  Here is the print that will be featured in our raffle:  

Gorgeous!  Thank you all for reading about this fun project and please take a bit of time to visit  You'll have so much fun browsing all of the images and designs.  Hope you pick one and try a canvas print (or mural) for yourself.  Happy Friday and hope you have a really fantastic weekend ahead!

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