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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Valentine's Day around these parts is for the kids.  Our wedding Anniversary is just a couple of weeks after and that's way more important and meaningful to us.  But for the kids, V-Day is always a sweet and special day. 

I will make homemade Valentine's for Dax's Kindergarten class this year (I like these) because hello, I'm at home now and I can craft to my heart's content!  But there are some other special things that I will be doing this year for the kiddos - and not just for my own.  Here are some sweet ways you can show love to your kids and others this Valentine's Day!

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Head over to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital website to send a free V-Day card to a patient.

Go to your nearest Life Way store and pick up a free Valentine's devotional.

Make a donation to a worthy cause in the name of a loved one.  I like Genesis Women's Shelter.  They are doing amazing work providing safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence. 

Buy some cute socks for your she little.

If your he little isn't into all the pink and hearts, make sure he is represented well.  This whoopee cushion made me lol when I saw it!
I hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day and spread the love!

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