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The Thing About Bumble Bees...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Bumble bees are a symbol of success and accomplishment.  Technically, with their small wings and hefty bodies they shouldn't be able to fly.  But they do anyway.  They fly.

I've always loved bumble bees.

My life lately has taken on a bit of a different direction.  I've been questioning myself (and God) on how to be of service to people in a way that I would be good at and fulfilled at.  Right now, the blog isn't doing it for me.  I love blogging but I don't think I can really reach people with it.  I'm also not sure that my personality translates well via this platform.  I love to write and have confidence in my abilities but that doesn't mean my content is resonating with readers.  My influence just doesn't go very far in this medium.  People need to see me.  Feel the vibration of my too loud laugh.  Catch a waft of my Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo.  Touch my cashmere sweater.  See, that was a joke, but not really.  Ha, ha, snicker!

Well, He did indeed answer me and told me to host an amazing Women's Retreat.  How specific is that?  I love event planing.  I'm a great organizer and motivator and I love lifting people up.  So now, I'm trying to figure out how to fly with it.  And I think I'm doing alright.  I'm in a zone.  I'm Troy Aikman circa 1993.

I've got a lot of work to do but I hope you follow me along on my journey to serving others in a less superficial way than what I normal post here.  Now I love my fashion and shopping so that's not going away but I'm just more life purpose driven, especially now that I'm at home with my littles.  I want to live my best life and help other women do the same.  If they need to be lifted up, I want to use these jiggly arms of mine to help them!

Thank you so much for reading and taking time out of your busy day to engage with me.  Have a great Wednesday!

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