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7 Unique and Memorable Christmas Traditions to Start Now

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
If you are in a season of life with littles right now at Christmastime, you're probably here reading this because you want to know how to start a Christmas tradition that sticks.  Well, I'm here to help! 

Here are a few Unique ideas that will certainly make for interesting memories throughout the years:
  • Record the entire family singing your favorite Christmas carol.  Do this each year and play it back the next year.  Revel in the acoustic nuances as the children get older.
  • Have your kiddos make a handmade Christmas ornament each year.  My five year old made ornaments each year in daycare (since he was 5 months old!) so I have a nice collection.  If they don't make one in Kindergarten this year, we'll make one at home.  And I will for sure make one for Briggs (my 1 year old)!

  • I love Advent calendars, mainly for the candy, not gonna lie.  I mean, is it really an Advent calendar without candy?  Anywho, why don't you have your kids call a dear friend or family member to tell them Merry Christmas (or Happy Kwanzaakkah) each time they reveal their daily surprise (better be candy).  Young kids generally like talking on the phone and the person on the receiving end will appreciate that you are thinking about them.  Make sure to have a quick script for the kiddo in case they have to leave a voicemail.

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Below are some of the more Classic traditions you may already do with your family.  If not, they are popular for a reason so start them this year!  They are fun and easy:
  • Drive around looking at Christmas lights.  This is especially fun for toddlers.  When I was younger, my two favorite spots to visit in Dallas were Timberhollow Circle for the 12 Days of Christmas (Oak Highlands Estates - Lake Highlands) and Highland Park Lights (Armstrong Parkway at Preston).  I'm going to do my best to take Dax to see these this year.  A carriage ride in Highland Park sounds amazing!    
  • Buy new PJs for the family and let the kids open theirs on Christmas Eve for Christmas morning (tip: make sure you wash them first in case your kiddos have sensitive skin like my boys).  Matching family PJs are pretty festive.  We tend to just "coordinate".  But you do you, boo!  Here are some Pajama ideas to get you going.  Target has some really cute matching family pajamas!

  • Put up some mistletoe!  I don't see people do this often but it's a fun and sweet tradition.  Giving your sweetie or your kiddos some smooches will never get old.  Well, it might for them but that's part of the fun.
  • Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.  In fact, do what we do and read ALL the Christmas books in your home ALL month long.  And for the record, even if we read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve, we still must read it on Christmas Eve.  Sorry for the overuse of Christmas but, you know, Christmas... 

*Honorable Mention:  If you are actually celebrating Christmas for real (for real), bake a birthday cake for Jesus.  Listen, half of our Christmas traditions have Pagan roots and really have nothing to do with Jesus.  And was he really born on December 25?  Doubtful.  But having a cake for Jesus and possibly singing Him Happy Birthday would be a modern way to remind you kids about what you are actually celebrating.  

Please share what your family's Holiday Traditions are.  The more ideas, the merrier.  Ha!

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  1. These are great traditions! Ours is attending the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and then coming home to open our presents under the tree.

    Hi! Swinging by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
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