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My Fall Mom Uniform + 5 Coziest Fall Sweaters

Friday, November 10, 2017
I live in this outfit.  It has been on repeat now that the mornings here in North Texas are cooler, meaning I wear it about once a week.  This outfit formula (oversize sweater + jeans + kicks = comfy cute) is my go-to drop off the kid at school in the morning uniform, especially when I run errands right after.  I do break out the leggings as well but I have more jeans in my closet than leggings. Crazy right?

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I've had this sweater for a few years now and I wear it a lot!  I am a bona fide sweater girl.  I absolutely love a roomy cozy sweater!  They are perfect for lounging around the house and cozying up and the couch for movie nights or Netflix.  Again, this sweater is old (from Victoria's Secret) but I rounded up some very similar options below.

The earrings are definitely a Fall favorite.  

They are Kendra Scott and of course, they were on sale.  The color is so gorgeous.  Red is everywhere this Fall but I like that these are more of a wine or burgundy red.  I thought they were a nice touch of color paired with such a neutral outfit, although they look quite dark in my photos.  That's what happens when you take an impatient photographer husband mixed with a shadowy backdrop.  Thanks for trying, honey!

I can't get enough of this handbag.

It is a perfect griege neutral which will still work for the colder months.  Tory Burch calls the color, "soft clay".  Ahh... Yes, it was an investment but it was also a reward for hitting a goal with the blog this summer/my birthday gift to myself.  I couldn't justify buying the LV Neverfull that I've been lusting after knowing I wouldn't have a steady income.

My jeans are a Nordstrom find.  I've wanted some distressed jeans for a while now but since I couldn't wear them to work, I waited to purchase some.  Now that I work from home, it's on!  These are STS Blue and I like the fit of them.  I'm wearing a 32 and they are not tight (which is not normal - must start working out...), so you may need to size down if you buy this brand.

I've worn these leopard slip on kicks to death.  They are C. Wonder (remember them?).  They still work with so many outfits because leopard is a neutral, after all.

Do you have a Fall uniform?  An outfit you just can't get enough of?  I bet it includes a sweater.  Since I'm such a sweater girl, here are my 5 favorite sweaters of this season.  Chunky, cozy and oh so chic, you cannot go wrong with any of these!


1.  Free People Swim Too Deep Turtleneck
This sweater ain't cheap!  But it is amazing.  Check out the name.  You literally want to swim in this oversized, knitted wondrousness.  I want to wrap myself up in it and just chill so hard.  This is the quintessential cozy sweater.  Right here folks.

2. Fuzzy Mock-Neck
Mock-neck sweaters are great for people who think turtlenecks are too restrictive.  They can get on your nerves!  But a mock-neck is just a turtleneck tease and still keeps your neck a bit warm.  This one is fuzzy and has great lines.

3. Loft Blouson Sleeve
I have been obsessed with blouson sleeves (balloon sleeves, bishop sleeves, poet sleeves, big puffy sleeves...) ever since design school.  Love that they are trending this year!  This one has great sleeves and I'm also loving the color and cut of it.

4. Topshop Button Slash Knit
Check out those big @$$ buttons.  This sweater can be a festive as you want.  I love the green but I really love the chunky, quirkiness of it.

5. Cutout Cowl Neck
First of all the color of this is great.  Blue looks so good on anyone!  But the cutout neck.  What!  It's such a clever detail and it makes the cowl function that much more like a scarf.

Are you as excited as I am that it is sweater season (and finally weather appropriate!)?  Please share this post if you like it! And don't forget to follow The Cocooners on Pinterest and Instagram for lots of inspiration and more great content, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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