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Friendsgiving Brunch Inspiration

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, family, celebrating the harvest and reveling in comfort food.  Friendsgiving is a time for the same but with lots more booze!  I'm hosting a Friendsgiving Brunch the weekend before Thanksgiving and I'm in full planning mode.

Friendsgiving brunch Thanksgiving picture quote

Why host Friendsgiving?

Lots of people host a Friendsgiving if they are not "going home" to see their families, or they may have friends who don't have families or live far from their families.  And although I've attended Thanksgiving dinner with my friends, it's generally a family occasion.  Well, Friendsgiving is about celebrating with the family you choose!  For me, it's actually more about hosting brunch that happens to be a week before Thanksgiving.  A small circle of friends along with myself, are starting a brunch series, "Brunch-Once-a-Month," either hosting at one of our homes or at a great brunch spot.  I'm dying to go to Saint Ann in Dallas!

I'm hosting our first event and as it fell in November, why not have it be a Friendsgiving Brunch?  Usually people still do some sort of dinner but I wanted it to be more low key than that.  We're not having turkey because we will have plenty of that to come but I did want the menu to reflect some of the more traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Here is the menu.

Friendsgiving Brunch Sample Chalkboard Menu

This is my favorite tablescape for inspiration.

Image via The Inspired Hive
My dining table is black so this gives me lots of ideas.  Not sure I want pumpkins but they do say Fall like nothing else.  Now, I need some new dinnerware.  The plan is to use real dishes and flatware.  It will be a very small gathering so I'm not worried about dishes.  So, I'm off to research place settings.  Nothing fancy.  No bone china (le sigh) but I do want something for keeps that I can use for other occasions.  Wish me luck!

I'll make sure to post a recap of our brunch and share the Mrs. Field's Bread Pudding recipe as well.  Are any of you hosting a Friendsgiving or thinking about it in the future?

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