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Sunday Wishes and Halloween Dreams

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Happy Sunday, gang!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Yes, it's Sunday, technically the start of a new week, but it is still the weekend so don't forget to enjoy today.  I thought it would be cool to share with you all my hopes and dreams for the coming week.  Ok, I'm being dramatic!  But here a few wants, needs, goals and random thoughts that are on my mind. 

We didn't make it to church today although we had every intention of going.  Unfortunately, I've been sick all week with horrible allergy and sinus issues.  Not a fun way to get my first week at home started but at least I'm feeling a bit better today.  I had a slight setback yesterday due to hauling both boys to my twin nieces' first birthday 🎂 party.  I was left so exhausted last night but it was worth it.  Seeing family and celebrating those girls was great.

I HAVE to put out our Halloween porch decorations today or Dax will disown me as his mother.  My bi-monthly grocery store run is today which means I'm going to spend way too much money 💰.

Turkey chili for dinner tonight and loads of laundry along the way.  Exciting!

I'm also hoping to make this dish for dinner one night this week.  We had a version of it for our Dating Anniversary this past July.  Yes, we celebrate our Dating Anniversary.  I need every occasion available to get date nights, people!

I find myself obsessing over this tote, especially in the gorgeous cognac color.  Sigh!

This is probably my favorite style post from last week. I just love her style anyway but the red jacket and heels, swoon!

I have some Pottery Barn rewards I want to use.  I'm thinking I need something copper in my life, like this.  Are you into copper?  I'm totally obsessed with it right now for kitchen and decor.

Take 20% to 30% off at Bloomingdale's (one of my favorite retailers).  Look for code SAVEMORE as you shop.  You can shop some of my sale loves below.

Here's to a great week!  Only 9 more days until Halloween... Woo hoo!!


  1. Hahaha - disown you. Gotta love a kid that loves Halloween.

    1. He does! I kept my promise. Porch is finally decorated.