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Happy Halloween 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Happy Halloween friends!

I was such a cheapo this year with the kids' costumes but when you're on a budget, you have to get creative.

Dax wanted to be a Vampire.  Don't ask me what a five year old knows about a Vampire but I went with it.

I bought the cape for him and used my own makeup for his face (this picture was a trial run of his makeup so it will look better tonight.).  That was it.  I didn't buy a shirt or pants so we'll see how that all works out.  #SorryNotSorry.  Luckily, he absolutely loves his "costume".

Briggs wanted to be a convict.  Just kidding.  Mommy wanted his costume to be super cheap or free so that is what I came up with since he had a striped outfit and hat already.  I'll post a picture of him later on Snap or my InstaStory.

As previously mentioned here, I made a fun Muddy Buddies snack mix.

Aren't these orange Kit Kats so perfect?  I just had to cute them up so that all the candy is roughly the same size.

How good does this look?!  I think these are more Fall or Thanksgiving than Halloween.  Not that we care!  The store just happened to be out of the more Halloween themed candy so we had to sub with Pumpkin Pie MandMs, for example.  Very Thanksgiving!  But this stuff is so yummy and addictive.  It would be great for a little Friendsgiving treat for the table or a Thanksgiving snack while watching some football.  I love that you can buy the Muddy Buddies pre-made.  I know they are easy to make but let's be honest, it can still be a bit messy anytime you work with powdered sugar and cleanup can be a pain.  Have you made Muddy Buddies from scratch?  Do you think the store-bought kind are just as good?

Another reason I love Halloween is that it signifies the Holidays are coming up.  I love Thanksgiving and I love Christmas even more.  It really is the most Wonderful Time of the Year!  For me at least.  Hope you visit often in the next couple of months.  There is some great content coming up.  And don't forget to share any posts you like on social media (click on the icons to your left) and make sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for lots of other fun stuff not featured on the blog!

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