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Updated Kitchen Supplies and Gadgets Wishlist

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
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In anticipation of working from home in a couple of short months (remember my goal from this post?), I've started meal planning and really trying to organize our lives at the casa.  This series from Living Locurto really helped me get started with the meal planning for dinners (and lunches).  I bought a couple of items from Amazon that have also helped keep me stay organized with my planning: a magnetic chalkboard, dry-erase chalkboard markers w/ chalkboard labels, this cute lunch tote (I have a thing for stripes) and slim ice packs.  

However, I find myself lacking a few items that would really help me tackle some new recipes, eat healthier and be able to experiment more in the kitchen.  Here is my wishlist of  new kitchen gadgets and necessities to acquire ASAP!


Zucchini seems to be the star of Spiralizer recipes and it's one of my favorite veggies.  I can't believe I don't already own this clever gadget.

I just need a smaller capacity dish for me and the hubs.  It's so easy to forget about leftovers so having recipes just for two and a dish the perfect size would be really helpful.  Dax is a picky poo and although I like to say I'm not a short-order cook, I do tend to make him his own dinners.  He's gotten better however, so there is hope that as he gets older, his palette is broadening.
I was lucky enough to score this from Williams-Sonoma for $8.95 several years back. Alas, it is not that inexpensive any longer but it is my favorite vanilla to use.  I love the thick consistency and all the little vanilla specks.

Really Nice China

I never received any fancy China when I got married although my Aunt did gift me these amazing goblets that I've used twice!  I love them so, so much.  I think I'm ready to upgrade to some fine dinnerware in case I ever have a grown-up dinner party.  

Instant Pot

So many of my friends have raved about this on Facebook.  I trust them so I now need this in our kitchen.  A small one would do us just fine but they have larger sizes available here at Target too.

Glass Prep Bowls

I watch enough Food Network to know that prep and planning when it comes to creating a recipe can help save time in the long wrong and actually make cleanup easier.  Since I don't have a lot of mixing bowls or any prep bowls, these are a must.

Blender/Food Processor

I know, I know.  You cannot believe I don't already have either of these.  But I don't, hence why it's on the wishlist.  I'm getting a combo ASAP.  I see lots of margaritas in my future.  I mean smoothies.  I see lots of smoothies in my future. 

As you can see, I definitely have my fair share of needs for the kitchen.  Do you have any must have kitchen items that should be on my radar?  What about the Instant Pot?  Again, I've seen raves so please do share your experience.


  1. I have a handheld spiralizer and I wish I had just waited and bought a bigger one. I think I would use it more. My blender is also my best friend. Absolutely love it :) great post!

    1. Something is definitely wrong with me since I don't own a blender yet, lol! Thanks for visiting.