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Look at Baby Briggs Grow!

Thursday, July 20, 2017
I am super late writing this post (what else is new and at least I'm staying true to myself)!  My little baby Briggs is now 7 months old and I have yet to take his milestone pic for this month.  So, while I'm figuring out when to do that, I at least wanted to share his previous milestone photos.

He's such a big guy now.  He's wearing 12 month clothes and to be honest they are a bit snug.  He's not as chunky as my Daxie was but he's still pretty solid.  Mainly my little dude is tall.  And cute.  Oh so cute!!  It's pretty striking how much he's changed.

My sweet friend gave us this cute little milestone set but unfortunately, he's grown out of the socks!  I think for his next 6 months of photos, we'll put him in black and switch it up.

Does this kid have the sweetest face or what!!  No bias.

His hair finally started to grow back around 5 months old after a horrible case of cradle cap and eczema.  Turns out organic formula worked better than Alumentum for helping us control his allergies.  The chunk started at 5 months too!

And here is the gentlemen of the hour at 6 months old.  His big brother decided to lose his milestone stickers but luckily I found them recently.  Briggs is so sweet, slightly spoiled and just a happy baby.  Being a boy mom is good stuff.

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