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Flashback Friday: Music to Remember

Friday, July 28, 2017
I love music.  I love music almost as much as I love shoes.  Almost.  If you are a regular reader or know me personally, then this is not a surprise.  In fact it may be annoying.  But you have to understand, I've always found music to be an amazing escape.  Nowadays, listening to music helps me tolerate working everyday at a job I find less than fulfilling and the songs below have been on heavy rotation.  So I made a special playlist I wanted to share with you today in the spirit of #flashbackfriday.    

Now you tell me, how important is music to you? Do you listen to music every single day, every single hour like me or is it just nice? I'm curious to know if my readers would like me to share more music on The Cocooners.  In case the answer is yes, here are some posts where I featured some of my playlists:  

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Happy Friday and happy listening!


  1. Music is super important. I have four different play lists on my phone for myself and my children!

    1. I agree. But I have more than 20 different playlists! I like to categorize certain songs and play them depending on my mood.🎡🎼🎢