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The 10 Newborn Essentials You Need to Help Stay Sane

Thursday, April 13, 2017
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I am no baby expert nor am I an expert mother, but what I am an expert in is sanity (so far). You have to be when you work full-time with two children and a husband and have to deal with all the demands of this modern world. So, I learned a thing or two with my first son about how certain baby products helped to keep me sane, especially in those first early months with a newborn. Luckily, some things were a bit easier this time around because I was prepared with all my go-to items. Of course, I had to share some of them with you. These 10 items are not necessarily in order by importance but they are all musts in my book. So if you know any new moms or soon-to-be mamas, share this post with them.

1) Swaddle Wrap
I believe in the power of the swaddle.  I also understand that some children just can't be swaddled.  Boy do I feel "sorry for their mother".  Ha!  That was a bad Menace to Society reference...  Anyway, both of my son's were strong and active newborns so swaddling really helped them sleep.  Yes, they broke out of the swaddle quite a bit but so what.   
A recent and funny picture of  Briggs bustin' loose.  The swaddle's time is almost over.
I just wrapped 'em up again and they went to sleep again.  So I could sleep again.  Sleep is just too important to me.  I am seriously a dragon lady without sleep.  Hopefully, my dragon tendencies are starting to fade now that Briggs is sleeping through the night.  My favorite swaddle is the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Wrap.  The velcro closures keep the little ones nice and snug and I recommend these 100%!!

2) Boppy Pillow
Duh.  Do I really need to write about why I love this?  It helps you prop up the baby in a great position for feeding (nursing or bottle) and you can get covers to match any theme or decor.  I bought the Belgian Linen cover from Pottery Barn Kids and it's so lovely.  I'm using it for all of Briggs' sweet monthly photos.   

I love that my 4 year old can hold his brother with the help of the Boppy and it's not hideous like some of the other nursing pillows out there.  Has to be form and function for me people.  I'm a bit shallow.  

3) Flannel Swaddling Blanket

There is just something about those generously sized flannel swaddling blankets at the hospital that the nurses know how to tuck and tighten just right.  I searched high and low for a large flannel blanket and finally found this one from Trend Lab.  Not to knock the lovely muslin blankets as they have their place but they were never secure enough to keep my little guys swaddled.  This flannel banket was great for when Briggs was in-between sizes in the SwaddleMe.  It's also great for tummy time and snuggles.
4) Vibrating Swing
Best. Purchase. Ever.  This gave me some nice nap time in those early weeks and still does.  Now, Briggs will sit and just enjoy the motion as well without falling asleep.  This particular model has 6 speeds, music and nature sounds.
5) Bottle Sterilizer
Someone bought us this as a gift when I was pregnant with Dax and it was a life saver.  We use it every time we wash our bottles and with a little adjusting, it can fit at least two of the 9 ounce NUK bottles that we love so much (from this post).
6) 3 in 1 Thermometer
I love this thermometer because I can use 1 thermometer for both of my kiddos and even me.  It has a plastic case that keeps all the tips separated for hygiene.
7) Slipover Bibs
I believe I received one of these in a gift set from Amazon for registering there and I loved it.  It easily slips over baby's head which is nice so you don't have to fumble with Velcro or snaps.  They are also generously sized.
8) Activity Mat/Gym
This was my favorite mat because of the cute but not glaring colors and it had a mirror, a musical mobile (that the baby loves) and several tactile toys.  
9) If you are concerned about flathead syndrome, the Babymoon Pod is a must. Briggs favored his right side in my belly and out so his little head was a bit flatter on that side. I use it on the changing table, play time on his back and supervised naps. This little pillow definitely helped even out the flatness.

Here are some miscellaneous items that I also recommend:

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