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Brotherly Love: A Photo Shoot

Monday, February 13, 2017

How cute are these guys??!!  I'm so grateful for these two.  Being a mom is really one of the best parts of my life and I just thank God every day that He chose me to be their mommy.  Dad is just so proud and Dax has been an awesome big brother.  He is the sweetest and I'm so relieved.  Not that I thought he'd be mean to his little brother but I was more worried about him being ambivalent towards him.  Not so.  Dax has to touch him and love on him all the time. 

We've established a routine with Briggs (while staying flexible) which helps when dealing with lack of sleep.  At least I know what to anticipate.  I'm definitely looking forward to longer stretches of night sleep and giving up the 2:30 am feeding.  Hopefully, that will be around the corner especially since I go back to work in three weeks (boo, hiss).  

Dax had a fun time letting me snap these pictures.  Briggs tolerated us!  Just check out that face in the last pic - too funny!  Hope you enjoy a peek at my boys.  You can find this sweet Big brother, Little brother set here.

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