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Casual Errand Outfit featuring Stitch Fix

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I have a bit more time to run errands during the week while I'm on maternity leave and I've been making use of it.  After I drop my big little off at school in the mornings, me and the little little get to gallivant around town.  I try to get things taken care of in the morning so I can (in theory) go home and rest.  Ha!  Tired as I am, I've tried to make an effort to look decent on my trips outside of the home.  Thanks to this anorak I received in my December Stitch Fix box, I feel like my efforts are successful.  At least on this day.  In case you need more info, you can read about how Stitch Fix works here.  I couldn't find a link to the jacket but I found some similar options here and here.

Running around with a newborn requires a diaper bag.  This striped diaper bag was a shower gift and I love it and am so grateful for it.  It is the Skip Hop Grand Central and has some awesome features.  There are so many pockets including a clear one perfect for extra passies aka pacifiers and it comes with stroller loops and its own changing mat.  Most of all, I love it because it looks good and makes me feel chic carrying it around in addition to a purse.  No bag lady syndrome here.

For other moms out there having to a schlep a baby and all the baby gear around, I recommend comfy shoes like my Toms.  I didn't think much about the brand until I saw them up close and personal on Joy of Basically Joy fame.  I thought the style was cute and she said they were comfortable so I bought some.  I needed some black casual shoes other than the ballet flats I wear everywhere.  The Toms are so comfortable and while the charitable aspect of them is controversial (some people feel free shoes does nothing to solve the actual problem), I feel good about my purchase.

Sorry this pic is such a hot mess.  It's blurry and my MAB tote was turned the wrong way.  This was my best full length shot, however.

More on Stitch Fix: my last box came in about 2 weeks after I gave birth and only two of the items fit me, one being the jacket from above and the other being the cuff pictured below.  I loved the jacket immediately and I decided to keep it, although a bit pricier than I would normally spend.  I actually don't have many jackets in my wardrobe so this piece was needed.  I returned everything else (a tee, a blouse and jeans) including the cuff, as it just wasn't a necessity.  I didn't take pictures of what I tried on and I didn't even set foot in the jeans that were sent.  They were so cute and were basically jeggings, but still, two weeks postpartum was not the time to try on jeans and I wasn't going to keep them to try on later.  

My next Stitch Fix box is scheduled to arrive right before my Anniversary in February so I'm looking forward to giving you guys a thorough review then.  Hoping it includes some dressier pieces.  Also hoping I can fit in the clothes like a normal person again!

Has anyone tried Stitch Fix yet?  If not, click here to schedule your first Fix and give it a shot.  It's fun and it's perfect for helping build your wardrobe, especially for casual errand outfits!

*This post contains affiliate links and my Stitch Fix referral link (when you sign up from my link and get your fix, I get a credit at no cost to you).*

Saw It On Pinterest: Bang Bang Shrimp

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Now that I'm on maternity leave for another 8 weeks, I vowed to cook more.  This probably won't continue when I go back to work, but for now, so far so good.  Of course, Pinterest is my go-to when it comes to finding yummy dinners to make.  My "Recipes" board is filled with easy dinner ideas and I'm excited to give them a try.  Last Sunday's dinner recipe I tried out was Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta.

I chose this recipe because... shrimp!  And the ingredients list consisted of mostly items I already had and the instructions were simple.  I am a fan of convenience so I use a lot of pre-made products like chopped garlic and bottled lemon juice.  Judge me or not - it's of no consequence to me!

I cooked the pasta, prepared the sauce, cooked the shrimp and then put it all together in a serving bowl.  Overall, this is a Pinterest win.  I loved how easy this was to make and the shrimp had great flavor.  However there are some things I would do differently if I make this again.  First, I would use a bit less mayo.  The pasta really held onto the sauce and it was just a but too much of the mayo taste for me.  I ended up combating this by adding sriracha to the dish.  Also, the instructions tell you to mix everything together in the serving bowl.  I would recommend mixing everything together in the skillet you cook the shrimp in, and then transferring it to your serving bowl.  Lastly, I would add more garlic, salt and red pepper flakes.  That's my personal taste preference so if you try this, start with what the recipe says and play with it from there.  *I forgot to add the parsley before I took the photo below.  Oops!

You should totally try this for a quick and tasty dinner.  Get the recipe here!  If you do, let me know how you like it and if you made any tweaks as well.  Next up, Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti so stay tuned!

New Year Sales Haul

Monday, January 9, 2017

After Christmas.  A time for reflection, a time for pause, a time to relax after all the holiday bedlam.  Who am I kidding?  It's the time to make use of all the sales and shop for yourself!

 I did just that and bought some things to freshen up my wardrobe.  The sales were fantastic.  I made use of my favorite online retailers: Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Nine West and Loft.  With the use of promo codes, I was able to save big.  I wanted to share my purchases and include what I paid and the regular price.  I did pretty good, y'all! 

Sloan-Fit Pant, Banana Republic - $28.00 (Regular $69.99); Peplum Top - Old Navy - $4.99 (Regular $19.94); Colorblock Sweater, Nordstrom {sold out but similar here} - $19.97 (Regular $89.00); Flats, Nine West Starship - $29.99 (Regular $69.99).  My total spend for the items above from the three stores was approximately $83 not including tax but all sites had free shipping!  (Counting Old Navy and Banana as one store because it's one checkout).

All from Loft:  Julie-Fit Skinny Pant {this color is sold out} - $26.00 (Regular $69.50); Socks {this color is sold out} - $1.55 (Regular $7.50); Ballet Neck Tee - $8.00 (Regular $24.50); Lavender Peplum Blouse - $15.95 (Regular $49.50); Teal Cowl Sweater - $25.00 (Regular $59.50).  I think I got the most bang for my buck with Loft.  They had a flash sale and everything was an extra 60% off - no code needed.  These five items totaled around $77 not including tax and shipping.  

Usually I shop with intention for specific items I need or want but I really was able to have some fun with this after Christmas haul.  I love shopping (especially online) and if any of you need advice or help with finding online deals, feel free to ask.  Oh, and Happy New Year!

*This post contains affiliate links*