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So, Yeah, I Had a Baby

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This sweet little guy, Briggs Alexander decided to come into the world a full two weeks early.  My original due date was Christmas but I was scheduled for a repeat c-section today, December 21st.  Last Monday, I went into work as usual but kept feeling kind of funny.  I went to the bathroom around 11:00 am and after standing up, noticed a decent gush of fluid.  My water broke.  I quietly went to my desk, wrapped up some things and got out of there like a Ninja.  I did not want anyone to make a big scene and all that went through my mind was the movie "9 Months".  Um, no thanks!  I called my husband from the car, drove myself to the hospital (about 25 miles away) and we met there and waited to have a baby.  

Dax was in school and luckily it was early enough in the day for us to figure out childcare.  We were told we'd be up to bat around 4 ish so my husband left to get Dax and meet my mom at the house so she could watch him.  I wasn't really contracting so waiting wasn't so bad, except it seemed like forever. I was on social media the entire time!  I went back to the OR around 4:30 and my husband still had not made it back.  Oh well, the baby was coming so I was going with the flow.  By the grace of God, when they were ready to get started, the Mr. made it and was allowed in.  At 5:02 pm, we had a strapping little pink son who weighed in at 7 pounds even.

My recovery has been good.  I mean, surgery sucks but I was discharged from the hospital early for good behavior - i.e. I was moving well and healing amazingly.  Once my doc got the ok from the pediatrician that the baby could go home, we were outta there!  Having a repeat c-section when you don't go into active labor was a lot easier than being in labor for 13 hours and then having an emergency section.  Still, surgery - ick!

I must admit, although having him early was a complete surprise, it was welcome.  We were just so thrilled to meet Briggs in person and I was thrilled to not be pregnant anymore!  Also, having a bit of a buffer between his birthday and Christmas, is welcome.  I still can't believe he's here and already over a week old.  He changes everyday.  Big brother Dax has been a champ and is really sweet with "Little Brother".  My husband and I could not be happier.  Falling in love with another little boy was the perfect early Christmas gift.


  1. I just LOL'd picturing the entire work situation. I'm so glad he is here and everyone is happy & healthy. He is so handsome! Congrats again!

    1. He is beautiful. And you are strong. The adrenaline rush alone must have made for quite a drive. ��

    2. The drive was quick (luckily no traffic). Makes for a good story to tell Briggs one day! Thank you for your sweet words. 😊