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2016 Black & White Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, December 5, 2016
I love black and white.

It makes a statement without being too loud. The contrast pops but is still neutral and "safe". It's just so chic.
I wanted to start the first of my 2016 gift guides off with these easy gifts in a striking black and white color palette.  So if you know someone whose motto is "black is the new black", any of the items would be a perfect gift.  Make sure to click through the additional finds below!


  1. Absolutely love that KS necklace!! That eos lip balm is perfect for a holiday frosted look :) this guide is basically me since black is my staple color!


    1. I love black and white and I don't think you can go wrong giving a pressie like any of the items above!

    2. I would have never thought to narrow down gifts to a certain color. My husband is hard to shop for and reading this post (his favorite color is black) gave me so many ideas!

    3. So glad! Men are so difficult - my husband is tough to shop for as well!

  2. Replies
    1. Doesn't it look cozy? Thanks for reading!