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Spooky Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
I love making sweet treats for holidays.  For Halloween, I make my annual Chocolate Covered Oreos.  We're talking ghosts and mummies people!  

The "blood" is a nice touch, don't you think?  The stand is just foam from the floral section of the craft store and the sticks are lollipop sticks.  I love the Victorian tissue paper too.  It somehow fit in with the spooky theme.  These are actually quite easy to make.  You just have to get over your fear of melting chocolate (if you have such a fear).  

First, I twist apart the Double Stuffed Oreos and dip the end of a lollipop stick in the white chocolate.  Then insert about halfway up the cream in the cookie.  Push it in and let it sink in so it sticks as the chocolate hardens (sorry no pic).  Press the cookies back together and let the lollipop sticks set.  Then I use a spoon to "dip" the cookies, meaning I pour chocolate from the spoon on to each side of the cookie, making sure to coat them completely.  I have lost many a cookie by trying to actually dip them into the chocolate.  Let them set on wax paper and refrigerate.

Decorate to your fancy.  For the ghosts, use black cookie icing.  I used cookie icing instead of cake icing because it hardens quite a bit better.  For the mummies, drizzle more white chocolate with a fork by going back and forward, leaving the eyes showing.  Add "blood" with red cookie icing if desired.  Time consuming, but fairly easy.  I also love to make a big Bag of Bones for Halloween.

You need pretzel sticks, small marshmallows and melted white chocolate.  Press a marshmallow on each side of the pretzel stick then dip one side into a small bowl of melted white chocolate.  Let that side harden on wax paper and then dip the other side.  Let them set in the fridge.  Pack them all in a wrinkled brown bag and there you have it.  They are seriously easy.  The hardest part about making these sweet treats, is not eating them all!

We are having a Halloween potluck at work and I've reached an impasse on what to bring.  I want to bring something savory but really don't have any good ideas.  What easy savory dishes or dips are your favorites?  Anything festive for Halloween you can share?

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