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What to Wear to Your High School Reunion If You're Pregnant

Friday, September 9, 2016
My Twenty Year High School Reunion is coming up in less than a month - yes twenty - 20!! - OMG is right.  And, as much as I love the movie "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion", I do not want to look like the cotton candy triplets as seen below, ha!

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Our reunion will be at the House of Blues at night so I definitely want to dress up a bit.  I will be almost eight months pregnant by the time it rolls around and I am already big as a house so I will be wearing black for sure.  Because this is such a difficult task (finding a tasteful but somehow still sexy maternity dress for the third trimester) I thought I would share some of my finds in case anyone else out there needs some help.  I don't think you can go wrong with a cute dress, a fancier cross-body bag or clutch and some heels.  For me there won't be much dancing (being hugely pregnant and all) so I think I can handle the heels for one night.  Note I featured some casual options as well for those with reunions in the warmer months or a daytime event.  

I'm sure this is more of an issue at a ten year reunion but this is 2016 and old people like me still have babies!  Wish me luck as I waddle my way through trying to remember names and faces... so bad about that.  Be sure to click on the pics below (affiliate links) for more info on each item.

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