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Baby Boy #2 - 13 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, June 23, 2016
I don't want to fall into second baby syndrome and not have records of this pregnancy because "we've been there done that".  Every baby should be celebrated and this little guy is much anticipated so I wanted to track my updates.  I may not do as many as I did with Dax but that's due to my much busier schedule this time around.  If you have any questions for me, ask away in the comments.  Oh and there's a bump pic on Instagram.

How far along?  13 Weeks 4 days

Total weight gain:  5 lbs (mostly bloat and all in the belly area)

Maternity clothes?  Yes.  Still in my non-maternity jeans thanks to the new Bellaband with the silicone strip - HAS to be the one with the silicone strip.  It really helps hold the jeans up. 

Stretch marks?  No new ones

Sleep:  No trouble falling asleep but I'm going to sleep so late just so I can get stuff done. All the bathroom trips in the middle of the night are just stupid.  

Best moment this week:  Announcing it so people don't just think I'm fat, although it really is all in my belly.  A welcome change from when I was pregnant with Dax and was fat all over...

Miss Anything?  Wine.  Sushi.  Energy.  Wine... 

Movement:  Maybe but he's still a bit little for me to be sure.  My ute aka uterus feels quite heavy though.

Food cravings:  Craved macaroni salad last night so I bought some from the grocery and it was everything I dreamed of.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really any more.  I was quite sick up until a couple of weeks ago but most of the nausea and queasiness are gone.  No real food aversions with this pregnancy.  I can even eat vegetables!

Gender:  Boy!

Labor Signs:  No

Symptoms:  Hardly any nausea these days – maybe once a week.  Lots of round ligament pain.  Still tired especially toward the end of the day and after work but more energy than a couple of weeks ago. 

Belly Button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Tie

Looking forward to:  Picking a name, the next ultrasound and shopping for me and the bambino.


  1. Love this!!! I guess I'm going to saunter on over to Instagram to see the pic... finally!!