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What I'm Getting My Mom for Mother's Day

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Mother's Day this year is special to me because my mom had a stroke earlier this year and I want her to know that she means the world to me.  Made up holiday or not (aren't they all?), I will celebrate it with all my heart.  So forgoing the typical chocolates and sweets (she can't eat that!), here are some thoughtful and practical gifts I'm seriously considering for my dear, sweet mother this year.

1} Le Creuset - my mom loves this color green.
2} birthstone necklace (for me and her only grandson (so far...) in Peridot.
3} Stylish file folders, especially for keeping medical papers organized.
4} A colorful picture frame because a mom can never have too many picture frames.
5} Comfortable lounge wear, because, lounge wear.
6} Anything Diptyque but in this case the Geranium Odorata roll-on fragrance.
7} A cozy, fuzzy, faux fur blanket.
8} She loves tea and butterflies so this sweet teacup and saucer is perfect.
9} A classic red manicure because mom is always a classic.


  1. Love it all! So thankful your sweet mom is doing well too!

    1. Thanks Jen. Prayer works! Hoping she continues to overcome and be healthier.

  2. How special! You're a great daughter. :)

    1. Thank you. What a sweet thing to say!