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Rose Gold Ring Round Up

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Ever since I gave birth to my firstborn child, Dax, I had the thought in my head that I needed deserved a push present.  So what if I didn't actually push.  I was in real labor with painful contractions, developed a fever and underwent a really horrible surgery.  I did not enjoy having a c-section.  Not that anyone would but it was really not fun.  So I think I deserve a little something for my troubles, especially since my engagement ring and wedding band are looking pretty sad these days.

Fast forward to the present time and still no pretty push present but my husband is coming around to the idea.  He's a thoughtful man who appreciates time and research before making a large purchase.  I knew this before I married him so it's all good.  But we're going on four years now.  Mama needs an upgrade.  

Luckily for him, I'm not that into diamonds like other gals may be.  They're pretty, yes but I'm not super traditional and I definitely don't want a big blingy ring taking over my dainty finger.  So we're not talking anything terribly expensive.  More power to you if that's your thing but I'd rather get shoes, a handbag or furniture for the cost of some of these rings out there.   I understand what a diamond symbolizes but I'm me - not the most traditional thinker out there.  Symbols schrimbles.  

I'm not against a diamond, not at all, but I'm leaning more towards a Morganite ring in a halo setting.  Through much research, I've found some contenders for my belated push present.  The only must haves are that the metal is rose gold and that it has a halo setting.    


Do you like more traditional jewelry or are you open to more unique pieces?  What do you think about my selections?  Anything stand out as a fave?


  1. I like the 4th one down. I like simple rings. My wedding ring is just a solid band with a single diamond. But i like all the rings that you posted. About 6 months ago I bought a Fossil watch with brown leather band and the face is rose gold and black. Since then I have been in love with rose gold.

    1. I am obsessed with rose gold. It's just so feminine and pretty. I have a rose gold watch as well! Thanks for reading, Jane.

  2. I love that Bloomingdale's ring! The black diamond contrast with rose gold is gorgeous! - From Joy :)