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Wednesday Me: Snapchat and Stuff

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Here are some bits and pieces of life these days from Snapchat and randoms.  I mostly use Snapchat for fun (especially with the kiddo) but I think I am going to branch out into more quick vids about life, personal style, etc.  I think it will help prepare me for the launch of my YouTube channel - TBD!
He's just as obsessed with Snapchat as I am.  It's so fun!

My current favorite hair products for when I wear my hair curly.

Check the "Shop My Social" page for details on this outfit. Also - I think this is a great picture that shows off my 20 pound weight loss.  The jeans are juniors sizing (toot toot!).  That was me tooting my own horn.

Current perfume - Tory Burch.  I'm not that into floral scents but this one is earthy and light at the same time.  I wear it non-stop these days.

 I can't with this sweet pic.  It's so hard to get him to give me kisses sometimes.  Melts my heart!

Rose Gold Ring Round Up

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Ever since I gave birth to my firstborn child, Dax, I had the thought in my head that I needed deserved a push present.  So what if I didn't actually push.  I was in real labor with painful contractions, developed a fever and underwent a really horrible surgery.  I did not enjoy having a c-section.  Not that anyone would but it was really not fun.  So I think I deserve a little something for my troubles, especially since my engagement ring and wedding band are looking pretty sad these days.

Fast forward to the present time and still no pretty push present but my husband is coming around to the idea.  He's a thoughtful man who appreciates time and research before making a large purchase.  I knew this before I married him so it's all good.  But we're going on four years now.  Mama needs an upgrade.  

Luckily for him, I'm not that into diamonds like other gals may be.  They're pretty, yes but I'm not super traditional and I definitely don't want a big blingy ring taking over my dainty finger.  So we're not talking anything terribly expensive.  More power to you if that's your thing but I'd rather get shoes, a handbag or furniture for the cost of some of these rings out there.   I understand what a diamond symbolizes but I'm me - not the most traditional thinker out there.  Symbols schrimbles.  

I'm not against a diamond, not at all, but I'm leaning more towards a Morganite ring in a halo setting.  Through much research, I've found some contenders for my belated push present.  The only must haves are that the metal is rose gold and that it has a halo setting.    


Do you like more traditional jewelry or are you open to more unique pieces?  What do you think about my selections?  Anything stand out as a fave?

Fashion Conscience: Neverfull

Thursday, May 12, 2016
I have always loved fashion.  Especially shoes.  Of course I was constantly in my mother's closet playing dress up.  Every night.  Literally - not figuratively - Every. Single. Night.  My mother tells me that I wouldn't wear pants in Kindergarten - skirts only.  I even remember my first day of school outfit from kindergarten.  A lavender flash dance inspired off-the-shoulder sweatshirt and skirt set with beige cowgirl boots.  Yes, kindergarten.  However, sometimes, I feel a little guilty about how much I Iove fashion and shopping.  It's that darn Catholic guilt.  Except I'm not Catholic.  

In all seriousness, I like a good luxury item and I'm by no means wealthy so am I perpetuating an unrealistic persona with my love of the finer things?  We are not in debt and I can afford a few nice things here and there but I covet so many things all the time.  Like this.  

I have to have it.  I must have it...  The Louis Vuitton Neverfull.  The stuff of dreams and legends.  It's a deep desire that makes my stomach hurt.  Sometimes, I'll make sure to give to charity just to make me feel better about a shopping adventure.  

So is that my answer?  To stave off the guilt, just give more in a philanthropic way?  Or just say screw it!  I'm in a place where I can do for myself and get what I want, so I will!

My Weekend Wedges

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I've been waiting for some perfect weather so I could finally wear these cute lace-up wedges.  I bought them a few weeks ago and the rain has prevented me from breaking them in.  This past Saturday was gorgeous outside so we strolled on to the park and snapped a few pics.  It was a fun little Mother's Day weekend for me.  I was happy that the wedges were decently comfortable.  They are tall with a very slight platform so I don't think these are all day shoes but they were fine for a few hours of activity.  I just love the fringe on the laces.

What I'm Getting My Mom for Mother's Day

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Mother's Day this year is special to me because my mom had a stroke earlier this year and I want her to know that she means the world to me.  Made up holiday or not (aren't they all?), I will celebrate it with all my heart.  So forgoing the typical chocolates and sweets (she can't eat that!), here are some thoughtful and practical gifts I'm seriously considering for my dear, sweet mother this year.

1} Le Creuset - my mom loves this color green.
2} birthstone necklace (for me and her only grandson (so far...) in Peridot.
3} Stylish file folders, especially for keeping medical papers organized.
4} A colorful picture frame because a mom can never have too many picture frames.
5} Comfortable lounge wear, because, lounge wear.
6} Anything Diptyque but in this case the Geranium Odorata roll-on fragrance.
7} A cozy, fuzzy, faux fur blanket.
8} She loves tea and butterflies so this sweet teacup and saucer is perfect.
9} A classic red manicure because mom is always a classic.

Casual Classics: Black White and Leopard

Monday, May 2, 2016
Tee: J. Crew Factory {under $14!}; Bag: Foley and Carina {similar here}; Wood bangles: old/vintage {similar}; Earrings: J. Crew {similar}; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes:  Vince Camuto {also similar here and here
In all honesty, I wore this outfit to run errands this past Sunday but I did not wear the shoes.  As casual as this outfit is, the shoes don't make a lot of sense for me to wear out while trying to manage the mini linebacker that is my son.  I did love the way the leopard heels worked with this so I had the hubs snap a couple of pics.  The bag is an oldie but a good, goodie.  It's Foley and Carina and one of my fave summer handbags.  I love when I get to pull it out.  The cognac leather and linen are so chic together.  So, even though I love heels, I am not frontin' - they do not get worn a lot except mostly on special occasions like date night {wedges are the exception b/c they are usually more comfortable}.  Just keeping it real.