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Flashback Friday: Cabo San Lucas 2014

Friday, April 29, 2016
Happy Friday!  It's been quite a long week for me so I've been reminiscing about more relaxing times, hence the #FBF. 

Some ambiance in the room.
Going to Cabo with my husband was one of my favorite vacations.  Cabo to me is a mix of California desert and Spanish European vibes.  Different than Cancun/Playa del Carmen mainly in landscape although Cabo is more laid back, IMO.

We stayed at what is now the Resort at Pedregal (was Capella Pedregal back then).  I originally shared these on Facebook but wanted to give my readers a chance to ogle this amazing resort.

Could this view from our room be any more breathtaking?
Felton relaxing in our private plunge pool on a cloudy day (there was a Hurricane coming!)
Our Coronitas and guac amenity.  Best guac ever.
Me just relaxing on the balcony.
The amazing cliff-side restaurant, El Farallon.

What can be said about El Farallon except amazng.  Not only is it just a breathtaking experience to eat on the side of a cliff on the Pacific Ocean but the food and service was stellar.

The grounds at night.
Here's the tunnel built through the mountain.
To say this vacation was amazing (weather included), would be a severe understatement.  Connecting with my spouse at such a beautiful location was a true blessing and I'm so grateful for the time spent here.  

The service was outstanding.  Yes, it is an expensive resort so if you want to visit, stack yo' chips as my husband would say!  It is so worth it.  Seriously, this resort is world class and I just feel incredibly lucky that we were able to visit.

We will be back!

I want to hear about your favorite vacation.  Please link to any posts about it in the comments below.

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