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Flashback Friday: Cabo San Lucas 2014

Friday, April 29, 2016
Some ambiance in the room.
Happy Friday!  It's been quite a long week for me so I've been reminiscing about more relaxing times, hence the #FBF.  Going to Cabo with my husband was one of my favorite vacations.  Cabo to me is a mix of California desert and Spanish European vibes.  Different than Cancun/Playa del Carmen mainly in landscape although Cabo is more laid back, IMO.  We stayed at what is now the Resort at Pedregal (was Capella Pedregal back then).  I originally shared these on Faceboook but waned to give my readers a chance to ogle this amazing resort.

Could this view from our room be any more breathtaking?
Felton relaxing in our private plunge pool on a cloudy day (there was a Hurricane coming!)
Our Coronitas and guac amenity.  Best guac ever.
Me just relaxing on the balcony.
The amazing cliff-side restaurant, El Farallon.
The grounds at night.
Here's the tunnel built through the mountain.

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