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Dressing the Little Dude

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
I'm laughing as I write this because the title refers to my son Dax and he is anything but "little".  This kid is three years old and is a solid 57 pounds and tall!  He's wearing a boy's size small in Old Navy and Gap and size 6 - 7 in Carter's.  Those are my favorite brands for him because of the fit.  Roomier cut clothing makes for comfortable, happy kiddos.  We also have to make sure his britches are elastic waist britches.  Who would have thought I would use the word britches twice in a post?  Well, actually three times. I like to pretend I am in the days of yore, I suppose.

Bygone vernacular aside, I like for my big little kid to look his best even though I tend to dress him in more casual clothes.  I do most of his shopping but even when his dad gets Dax some new gear, it's kicks or Polo (which we really have to size up in).  We shy away from overly "commercial" character clothing with the exception of Darth Vadar because, Darth Vadar transcends commercial cheese.

It's certainly been a while since I showcased some of my favorite styles for the little and the changing of the seasons certainly called for some thoughtful picks.  All the items featured are super affordable because like most kids, mine grows like a weed and I can think of much better things to spend money on than clothes he will only wear twice... like a college savings fund, for example.  Hope you can find some items you like among my picks.  I'm curious, what is your family's budget for children's clothing seasonally?

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