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Flashback Friday: Cabo San Lucas 2014

Friday, April 29, 2016
Happy Friday!  It's been quite a long week for me so I've been reminiscing about more relaxing times, hence the #FBF. 

Some ambiance in the room.
Going to Cabo with my husband was one of my favorite vacations.  Cabo to me is a mix of California desert and Spanish European vibes.  Different than Cancun/Playa del Carmen mainly in landscape although Cabo is more laid back, IMO.

We stayed at what is now the Resort at Pedregal (was Capella Pedregal back then).  I originally shared these on Facebook but wanted to give my readers a chance to ogle this amazing resort.

Could this view from our room be any more breathtaking?
Felton relaxing in our private plunge pool on a cloudy day (there was a Hurricane coming!)
Our Coronitas and guac amenity.  Best guac ever.
Me just relaxing on the balcony.
The amazing cliff-side restaurant, El Farallon.

What can be said about El Farallon except amazng.  Not only is it just a breathtaking experience to eat on the side of a cliff on the Pacific Ocean but the food and service was stellar.

The grounds at night.
Here's the tunnel built through the mountain.
To say this vacation was amazing (weather included), would be a severe understatement.  Connecting with my spouse at such a beautiful location was a true blessing and I'm so grateful for the time spent here.  

The service was outstanding.  Yes, it is an expensive resort so if you want to visit, stack yo' chips as my husband would say!  It is so worth it.  Seriously, this resort is world class and I just feel incredibly lucky that we were able to visit.

We will be back!

I want to hear about your favorite vacation.  Please link to any posts about it in the comments below.

Pastel Pink and Floral

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today's outfit is brought to you by, Rainy Weather in Dallas. We shot this look about a week ago when the weather was horrible.  It was dark, dreary and misty even when it wasn't raining.  So I decided to just take a few pics inside the cocoon against my snazzy grey wall. The color is "Flint" by Restoration Hardware, BTDubs.  At least wearing the soft pastel colors brightened my day.  I love this kimono top and can't wait to wear it as a swim cover up (as shown by Tanesha Awasthi here).  Being able to use pieces in different ways helps extend your wardrobe and your budget.

Dressing the Little Dude

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
I'm laughing as I write this because the title refers to my son Dax and he is anything but "little".  This kid is three years old and is a solid 57 pounds and tall!  He's wearing a boy's size small in Old Navy and Gap and size 6 - 7 in Carter's.  Those are my favorite brands for him because of the fit.  Roomier cut clothing makes for comfortable, happy kiddos.  We also have to make sure his britches are elastic waist britches.  Who would have thought I would use the word britches twice in a post?  Well, actually three times. I like to pretend I am in the days of yore, I suppose.

Bygone vernacular aside, I like for my big little kid to look his best even though I tend to dress him in more casual clothes.  I do most of his shopping but even when his dad gets Dax some new gear, it's kicks or Polo (which we really have to size up in).  We shy away from overly "commercial" character clothing with the exception of Darth Vadar because, Darth Vadar transcends commercial cheese.

It's certainly been a while since I showcased some of my favorite styles for the little and the changing of the seasons certainly called for some thoughtful picks.  All the items featured are super affordable because like most kids, mine grows like a weed and I can think of much better things to spend money on than clothes he will only wear twice... like a college savings fund, for example.  Hope you can find some items you like among my picks.  I'm curious, what is your family's budget for children's clothing seasonally?

Darling Nikki, I Would Die 4 U

Friday, April 22, 2016
Yesterday morning, a friend and coworker called me on my work phone and shared that she read on yahoo that Prince had died.  I told her I didn’t believe her, preceded to Google everything and was convinced the story wasn’t about him but about some other poor soul at his home.  Then by early afternoon, the news was confirmed, Prince was dead.  Shock is too mild of a word.  I was electrocuted with denial.

 Prince Rogers Nelson
photo via
You see, I love Prince.  Always have.  My mom took us with her to see Purple Rain at the movie theater way back in 1984.  She covered our eyes during the naughty parts and for the longest time, I thought they were much naughtier than they actually were.  I own this rock masterpiece of a film on Blu-Ray and watched it last night while in mourning. I saw Graffiti Bridge at the theater. Yes – Graffiti Bridge.  It was not a good movie, but it was Prince and I loved him.  One of my sweet friends even surprised me on my 19th birthday with tickets to the CocaCola Starplex for Prince’s Jam of the Year Tour on August 9, 1997.  To this day, it ranks as one of my best birthdays ever! 

My husband and I are so regretful that we didn’t see Prince when he was in Vegas.  Luckily, we have the
Prince - Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas DVD which I know we will watch all weekend long.  Prince could rock that guitar.  He was an artist.  Such a truly gifted man with creativity oozing from his heeled boots.  His brand is more than iconic.  I mean, what a genius.  His name is Prince so he decides to make the color purple his signature.  Simple and magnificent marketing.  
And now, we will never see him live in concert again.  I am so sad people.  When you are a big fan of a celebrity or musician and they pass away, it hurts as much as a family member.  I’m grieving the loss of this talented, unique, strong and deeply mysterious man.  The doves are crying and so am I...  

How to Style Last Summer's Gladiator Sandals

Thursday, April 21, 2016
 How do you style last summer's gladiator sandals?  Just pair them with a current trend.  I debated for a long while on if I should buy these Rebecca Minkoff gladiators.  I saw them everywhere last year {as in, on blogs, because I love blogs}.  Nordstrom had them on sale a few weeks ago so I bought them and I'm so happy I did {no longer on sale, sorry guys}.  They are a bit cumbersome to put on but so worth it.  They are so comfortable.  When I thought about how to keep them current, I thought they would be cute paired with a cold shoulder dress {aka an off-the-shoulder dress}.  

Hello There, Friend

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In researching my analytics recently, I noticed most of my readers are new to the blog.  I wanted to make sure to give a proper introduction for those of you who know nothing about me.  I've been blogging since before blogs became popular.  My first blog was named "Fountain of Fashion" from way back in 2004 or so and oh how I wish I would have just kept that blog going.  I really had no clue about where blogs would go and where they could take you.  My next blog was "Cammy Style".  I then blogged about my wedding over at My Dallas Wedding and then started The Cocooners (first on and now on Blogger), wheve I've been for about 4 years!  

I started blogging to share my passion for clothing, shopping, home décor and any other little topic I fancied.  I’ve always been a writer of sorts and felt blogging is great way to express myself.  The older posts you'll find on this blog are mostly about my pregnancy with my son Dax.  I wanted a way to keep my family informed and record all the new experiences I was going though.   I am not shy about sharing personal information or opinions but lately, I’ve tried to focus more on the fashion and personal style side of things.  After all, fashion is the topic people most often ask me for advice on.

My new found commitment to my blog has really driven me to create better content and post more frequently.  I always appreciate feedback so please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any tips, advice or questions for me.  You can also follow me on Snapchat and Pinterest to get to know more about me.  My snaps are silly and fun and I believe all my pins tell a story and I’m completely addicted.  It’s a sickness.

Thank you so much for reading.  There are so many blogs out there and it means so much that you took time out to get to know a bit more about me.  You can also find more about my personal life here on my About Page.  Have a great day!

P.S.  Thank you Helene In Between for the awesome pic.  

What To Wear To Work on Monday

Monday, April 18, 2016
I need to dress better for work.

I bum it constantly.  You would think I would be all about it as much as I love clothes and shoes, but no.  At work, the dress code is casual so it's so easy to stay there all the time.  I need to change that.  Now that I've lost 20 pounds, I should be able to do better.  There are plenty of work appropriate clothes in my closet so I thought I would shop my closet for a cute work outfit.  I came up with this.  

How to Dress for Festival Season for the Over 30 Set

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Yes you can go to festivals like Coachella if you are over 30.  It's about music and good vibes.  You are never too old to enjoy that.  But, you do need to think about certain things a bit more than your 20 year old counter-parts.  Such as, your boobs.  You'll want to put a bra on them.  And your nether regions.  Bring shorts even if you want to wear dresses.  The shorts will come in handy.  Trust.  

The Power of Makeup

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post.  I just really liked this product after trying it out.  I received a sample of The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder's Flash Photo Gloss from Sephora and tried it out.  It claims to have "a cool blue tint to emphasize your smile".  So, I decided to take an impromptu selfie/before shot just to see if I could tell a difference after applying it.   I could!

The pic on the left is my before shot and the picture on the right is after.   I don't wear a lot of makeup unless I'm going to a special event or shooting outfits for the blog so this is me - bare faced and blah.  I was really taken aback at how different I look with just this lip gloss on.  Don't you think it's pretty different?  I'm not sure about my teeth looking too much brighter (need to get on the Whitestrips) but I think my whole face just looks, well, better. 

So, there's my super quick product review.  Again, I received no compensation from the brand for this post but I just really loved the product and had to share.  There is an affiliate link, however, because a girl's gotta eat... well, support the blog, anyway.  If you try this gloss out, please let me know how you like it.

Getting Things Done

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Today was not a typical Sunday for me.  Usually, I do loads upon loads of laundry in between entertaining the kid and the bigger kid (aka the hubs), pretty much all day long.  On this Spring Sunday however, I decided to tackle a few tasks that needed to get done.

First off, my little family is going on a long weekend vacation in a few short weeks to lovely Lake Travis, near Austin, TX so I took some time this morning to do some outfit planning for myself.  Dax is too easy.  I'm bringing swim trunks, flip-flops, tees, shorts and sweats (in case there is a cool night breeze) and his new favorite fisherman hat so we're good.  The Mr. is on his own (but I did check with him to make sure he has swim trunks and shorts).  I've become a decent packer in the last few years and have gotten so much better at not procrastinating.  I still have one packing bugaboo, however:  Shoes!  They take up so much room but I need them ALL.  I do pack them in dust bags, at least. 

I just got together a few items for myself to get the planning and packing process started.  This ginormous tote from RH has come in handy for several trips.  I love it.  I'll be sure to update Instagram with more outfits as I add them to my packing list.

I had to share a close-up of the print on this kimono topper.  Love!  It's from my dear fiend's boutique via her store, All Things Fashion Facebook Auctions.

Also, if you read The Cocooners regularly, you may have noticed the blog looks a bit different.  I finally upgraded to a more sophisticated template via Blogaholics, and I could not be happier.  I've been meaning to do it for some time and today was the day.  Check out the sidebar for more goodies that have been added and please let me know if you like the new design (if you even noticed)!

Finally, and begrudgingly, we did our taxes.  So.  Much.  Fun.  We owe every year so we wait until the last minute, hah.  Small business taxes can take a while to figure out but luckily, I took care of my part a few weeks ago.  Still, a fait accompli!

I feel good about crossing these items off my To-Do list.  Don't you feel so much better when you get things done?  Do you have any packing tips for me, especially when it comes to shoes?  I'd love to read them.

Bloomingdales Friends and Family

Friday, April 8, 2016
For years, Dallas missed out on Bloomingdale's.  We had a store in Valley View Mall but it closed in 1990 and life (well, at least shopping life) was a bit more melancholy without it.  Then a few years back, the Bloomingdale's outlet opened near North Park Mall and fashion Dallasites smiled a bit bigger and shopped a bit more.  But, even if you still don't have a brick and mortar Bloomie's in your town, you can certainly take advantage of their Friends & Family sale online!  Use promo code FRIENDS at checkout and take 25% off select regular, and sale-price items at  Valid through April 10.  Here are my Brown Bag picks.  I have my eye on that Tory Burch French Gray Crossbody... well, both eyes!

InstaWhat: April 1

Sunday, April 3, 2016
Here are some bits and pieces of life these days from Instagram.

Yellow pops featuring @Nordstrom (tunic was only $19!). #OOTD
Tunic: Nordstrom; Jeans: Old Navy; Flats (old): Similar from Nine West
Eating #Paleo for lunch today.  #Yumz
An amazing Paleo friendly lunch :  Grilled shrimp with pesto, kale salad, quinoa, cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes and a touch of garlic aioli.
By no means skinny but skinnier than I was a month ago!  #OOTD @Loft top, @OldNavy jeans, @TalbotsOfficial flats
Top: Loft; Jeans: Old Navy; Flats (old): Talbots
This is happening.  #StraightUp #StGermain #cocktails #LongDay
My current favorite spirit: St. Germain ~{Elderflower is everything}~