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She Tried That: Homemade French Macarons

Friday, January 29, 2016
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Macarons, I made French Macarons!  And it really wasn't as intimidating as all the blogs make it out to be.  Sure, it's a bit labor intensive, but not hard at all.  You can't whip these up in 30 minutes and be on your merry way, but if you have the time, they are so worth it.

Folding the almond flour, cocoa and powdered sugar into the eggs whites.  BTDubs, my Kitchen Aid whipped those egg whites to super stiff peaks in a couple of minutes - no cornstarch.  

I love this machine!

Piping was the trickiest part for me.  I don't have a pastry bag yet so I used a super small sandwich bag and it took some getting used to.  

The ones on the bottom of this photo were piped first.  They are the ones that ended up cracking and a bit hollow after baking.  I began to pipe them out from the center rather than in a circle (like the bottom ones) and it made all the difference.

Left side good, right side - not so good.  All about the piping.  Now I know.  I'm excited to try my next batch.  Should look much better.  For the filling I used store bought whipped frosting in milk chocolate and regular old butter cream.  They tasted so good.  I took them to work to have them taste tested.  Pass!  Have you tried to make macarons before?

Edit * Because I'm a bad blogger and was in a hurry when I wrote this, I forgot to include the link to recipe I used.  Derp.  It's here c/o Martha Stewart, natch (chocolate, minus the cornstarch).

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