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21 Day Fix: Challenge Time

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Last year, I started to finally focus on getting my weight in order.  It's been out of control especially after having a baby.  After about a sixth-month hiatus (in know, tsk, tsk) I'm back at it and starting up with Beachbody's 21day Fix.  I had great results with Slim in 6 so I'm pumped.  In 3 weeks you'll find some before and after photos on the blog showing my results.  Yesterday, I did the Total Body Cardio Fix workout. It was almost 30 minutes long and it was great.  I feel a tad sore today but not so much that I'm miserable or need Advil.  But that's also probably b/c I had to do the modifier on some of the moves, ha!  I'm also learning about eating clean and portion control.

I like that you get a (quick) break between the exercises so you can mentally prepare yourself to push through.  I burned over 300 calories!  Keep in mind, that out of shape people like me tend to burn more calories at first.  Which is good for me as I know I'll see some quick results.

I'm also starting a Facebook Challenge group on April 21st for anyone who wants to get it in gear for the #SummerSlimdown!  Follow me at CoachCamilleC for info.  

So again, stay tuned b/c in three short weeks I will share my results from drinking Shakeology (which I love, btw) once a day and using the 21day Fix program.  Am I going to be in a bikini, no, but I will be holding my head higher and wearing some of my pre-baby clothes (finally...after almost two years...)! 


  1. Good luck girl! I'm doing a 12 week training program now. Just started last week. It's hard to get all these workouts in! I'm doing five days a week, weights and cardio. The eating clean part is pretty easy, just...I'm having to cook A LOT. Lol, and chop veggies A LOT. And eat the same things A LOT! Haha. But I'm thinking it will be worth it. Here's to results!! ;)

    1. Monica - please keep me posted - here or on facebook. I'm definitely hoping this program helps me develop healthy habits. Food prep is something I'm having to get used to as well. Takes time but I know it is worth it! Cheers to reaching your goals!

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