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Another Weekend

Monday, March 17, 2014
I attended a super fun wedding this past Saturday with my husband.  My dear friend was married to her long time-friend and now love (they have known each other since Kindergarten)!  After some torrential rain and lots of prayers for our lives while driving to the venue, we were able to relax and enjoy Michelle & Justin's wedding.  I was even able to capture a double rainbow outside right after the ceremony.  Talk about special!  It was such a fun, joyous and loved-filled evening that I had to share pics. 

Rainbows in McKinney, TX
Loved their photo booth (

So I thought everyone was going to make a funny face... brats!
The besties with the bride.  Lovely!
My man was a party pooper - he didn't want to use any of the props.  Dress: J.Crew bought last year - been waiting for the occasion to wear it (and fit it!) (similar here and here)
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In Translation

Friday, March 14, 2014
When you have a little one who starts repeating everything you say, you have a lot of fun.  First, it's a hoot when they start talking and they have these little high-pitched voices (Dax's is actually pretty deep for a baby but still...).  What is even more fun is trying to decipher what they say on their own, when they are not repeating you.  Just for kicks and giggles I have made a list of a few words from my 19 month old's current vocabulary and corresponding English language translation (capitals and repeat letters/vowels are for emphasis).

Actual Word
His favorite word.  His inflection is on point.   Very cute.
His favorite color.
The Spanish word for Yellow.  He won't say Yellow.
Night Night
He tells me this before bed, loudly and very gruntily.
Gotta love that extra syllable he uses.
His favorite animal.
Not to be confused with the Winnie-the-Pooh character.
Perfect pronunciation.  Loves his prayers.
Miss Patricia
His favorite teacher.  Again, very cute.
He really loves his dad.
He loves me too but he just won't say it.


Monday, March 3, 2014
Beauty shot aka obligatory car selfie

Makeup highlights {BB cream (Pond's in Light), mascara (Lancome), gloss (Smashbox)}; dress (Felicity & Coco), jacket (similar), bag (Reed Krakoff - same style but fuchsia is sold out), heels (similar), hair elastic, earrings (similar)
First, apologies for the crappy photos.  My plus one was complaining about having to find the DSLR so I told him my phone was fine.  Now I can move on.  This past Saturday, my aforementioned significant other and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary with dinner at Nola Grille in Frisco.  The food was yummy, the company was great :-) and my dress was awesome.  I don't buy a ton of new clothes these days (you know, waiting to lose weight, blah blah) but I was determined to find a great new dress for our Anniversary.  The hubs deserves to see me in a dress at least once a year, right?  So I ordered this dress from Nordie's, crossed my fingers and prayed it would work.  It did, with the help of some (also new and surprisingly comfy) Spanx and a super cool two-way zipper.  I had a really nice and special dinner with my man and managed to feel pretty so it was a good night.