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2014 Christmas Gift Guide For The Guy's Guy

Sunday, December 7, 2014
He's chill, funny and has simple tastes. Show him you care about his likes and lifestyle with these easy gifts. 

1) Because he has good hygiene. 
Kiehl's Ultimate Man Refueling Set -{Sold out but similar here}

2) And likes to smell good.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Fragrance - $62

3) Bacon themed gifts are man approved.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix and Candied Bacon Rub

4) The well traveled man wears ties. 
Mark and Graham Tie Case - $145

5) A hefty watch is always appropriate.
Nixon The Corporal Watch - $200

6) Step Brothers DVD, also appropriate.

Step Brothers (Unrated) - $14.99

7) He remembers the good ol' days.

Crosley Turntable - $109.99

8) Gotta have camo somewhere.

Arthur George Split Camo Socks - $15

2014 Christmas Gift Guide For Her Under $50

Saturday, December 6, 2014
These treasures are all under $50.  Tell your wallet I said, "you're welcome".

1) Because she likes beer too.
Antler Bottle Opener - $17.50
3) Silk scarves are making a comeback.
Printed silk snood - $49.50

4) Fancy key chain equals perfect stocking stuffer.

Kendra Scott Medallion Key Chain - $45

5) Fancy candle equals brownie points.

diptyque 'Pomander' Scented Candle - $30

6) Small earrings make a statement.

Iris Goutte earrings - $30

7) Because she doesn't have time for lip fillers.

8) She does have time for a nice cup of coffee.

Set of 2 Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs - $26

9) A pop of color in ikat to keep track of said time.

Kate Spade Agenda - $37.45

10) Polish in perfectly polished hues.

Deborah Lippmann 'Recipe for Love' Set - $29

11) Because it's cold.
Old Navy Fleece-Lined Cap - $12

Fall Palette: Bring it Home with Accessories

Friday, October 17, 2014

I decided to try and dress much nicer at work than I currently do. It's gone so casual (we can wear jeans everyday), it's just so easy to be super comfy and not so stylish. So the outfit above is my attempt to try harder. I think a lot of my fall clothing this year will be in this same palette of navy, grey and burgundy. I really wanted to let my accessories shine with this look.  Rocking a big bag, a hefty watch and shoes with a pop of color, really makes a statement.

Speaking of a big bag - did you see the bag?  Everything!  So glad I finally found an everyday grey bag.  It's the Elisabetta Handbag from Mark and Graham and I love it.  In fact, I love the style so much that I'm thinking of getting the same bag in the sauvage leather which is a gorgeous worn cognac color. 

Tunic - Loft, Jeans - Old Navy,  Bag - Mark & Graham, Heels - Sam Edelman, Watch - Michael Kors (old), Earrings - (old) these are also cute, lips - Becca Beach Tint Raspberry


Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Here are some bits and pieces of life these days from Instagram.

My Tomboy Loafers via Loft.  Love.  To.  Death!
Dax's Crib Converted
Our last night at Capella Pedregal - headed to dinner at El Farallon.  Amazing!
Loved the pillow in our Capella Room
A view from our plunge pool at the resort - Capella Pedregal is Everything!
Someone (me) made Homemade Nutella stuffed chocolate chips cookies and they were delicious.
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Cabo Tease

Thursday, September 11, 2014
I promise I have more posts planned regarding my trip to Cabo last week.  So worth the wait if only to drool at the photos of the resort we stayed at, Capella Pedregal.  

Fedora, Sunnies - old (similar to Fendi), Hoops - old (similar to TopShop), Linen shirt,  Nails: Essie Sand Tropez
 So hold tight.  Eye candy 'a comin'!
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Rompin' Around

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
I am headed on a vacay to Cabo soon and I am looking for a white romper to literally romp around in on the beach and at my resort.  You know I love to compare so here are three versions at three different price points.  I like the Helmut Lang one best for style.  It's so relaxed and casual.  But obviously, I like the Bloomie's price.  The styles are so similar that it really makes it easy to be a bargain hunter.  

Which one do you like?

All Waffle Erthang

Monday, May 26, 2014
I have been itching to make these Cinnamon Roll Waffles for a while.  So in honor of my 10 pound weight loss (since April 7th), I thought I would take time out this Memorial Day Holiday to have a cheat meal.  And it was a good one - so worth it!

The Pillsbury dough w/ Cream Cheese Icing

Add to well sprayed Belgian Waffle maker.  Note my 21 Day Fix containers in the background.  I said this was a Cheat Meal!!!

Mine browned for 4 minutes

Make your drizzle according the recipe in the link above (you know, in the first paragraph)

Pour Drizzle over your Cinny Waffles and be amazed.  So good.  The hubs was highly impressed.  Of course, the little dude was all about them (only gave him half of one - he was sad)!

Grey Matters

Friday, May 2, 2014
I need a new Handbag.  It's been almost two years since I purchased a nice, lofty everyday bag.  I'm thinking grey.  The forerunners from below are the Tory Burch Amanda and the Liebeskind Satchel Vintage Helene. 

21 Day Fix: Challenge Time

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Last year, I started to finally focus on getting my weight in order.  It's been out of control especially after having a baby.  After about a sixth-month hiatus (in know, tsk, tsk) I'm back at it and starting up with Beachbody's 21day Fix.  I had great results with Slim in 6 so I'm pumped.  In 3 weeks you'll find some before and after photos on the blog showing my results.  Yesterday, I did the Total Body Cardio Fix workout. It was almost 30 minutes long and it was great.  I feel a tad sore today but not so much that I'm miserable or need Advil.  But that's also probably b/c I had to do the modifier on some of the moves, ha!  I'm also learning about eating clean and portion control.

I like that you get a (quick) break between the exercises so you can mentally prepare yourself to push through.  I burned over 300 calories!  Keep in mind, that out of shape people like me tend to burn more calories at first.  Which is good for me as I know I'll see some quick results.

I'm also starting a Facebook Challenge group on April 21st for anyone who wants to get it in gear for the #SummerSlimdown!  Follow me at CoachCamilleC for info.  

So again, stay tuned b/c in three short weeks I will share my results from drinking Shakeology (which I love, btw) once a day and using the 21day Fix program.  Am I going to be in a bikini, no, but I will be holding my head higher and wearing some of my pre-baby clothes (finally...after almost two years...)! 

Another Weekend

Monday, March 17, 2014
I attended a super fun wedding this past Saturday with my husband.  My dear friend was married to her long time-friend and now love (they have known each other since Kindergarten)!  After some torrential rain and lots of prayers for our lives while driving to the venue, we were able to relax and enjoy Michelle & Justin's wedding.  I was even able to capture a double rainbow outside right after the ceremony.  Talk about special!  It was such a fun, joyous and loved-filled evening that I had to share pics. 

Rainbows in McKinney, TX
Loved their photo booth (

So I thought everyone was going to make a funny face... brats!
The besties with the bride.  Lovely!
My man was a party pooper - he didn't want to use any of the props.  Dress: J.Crew bought last year - been waiting for the occasion to wear it (and fit it!) (similar here and here)
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In Translation

Friday, March 14, 2014
When you have a little one who starts repeating everything you say, you have a lot of fun.  First, it's a hoot when they start talking and they have these little high-pitched voices (Dax's is actually pretty deep for a baby but still...).  What is even more fun is trying to decipher what they say on their own, when they are not repeating you.  Just for kicks and giggles I have made a list of a few words from my 19 month old's current vocabulary and corresponding English language translation (capitals and repeat letters/vowels are for emphasis).

Actual Word
His favorite word.  His inflection is on point.   Very cute.
His favorite color.
The Spanish word for Yellow.  He won't say Yellow.
Night Night
He tells me this before bed, loudly and very gruntily.
Gotta love that extra syllable he uses.
His favorite animal.
Not to be confused with the Winnie-the-Pooh character.
Perfect pronunciation.  Loves his prayers.
Miss Patricia
His favorite teacher.  Again, very cute.
He really loves his dad.
He loves me too but he just won't say it.


Monday, March 3, 2014
Beauty shot aka obligatory car selfie

Makeup highlights {BB cream (Pond's in Light), mascara (Lancome), gloss (Smashbox)}; dress (Felicity & Coco), jacket (similar), bag (Reed Krakoff - same style but fuchsia is sold out), heels (similar), hair elastic, earrings (similar)
First, apologies for the crappy photos.  My plus one was complaining about having to find the DSLR so I told him my phone was fine.  Now I can move on.  This past Saturday, my aforementioned significant other and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary with dinner at Nola Grille in Frisco.  The food was yummy, the company was great :-) and my dress was awesome.  I don't buy a ton of new clothes these days (you know, waiting to lose weight, blah blah) but I was determined to find a great new dress for our Anniversary.  The hubs deserves to see me in a dress at least once a year, right?  So I ordered this dress from Nordie's, crossed my fingers and prayed it would work.  It did, with the help of some (also new and surprisingly comfy) Spanx and a super cool two-way zipper.  I had a really nice and special dinner with my man and managed to feel pretty so it was a good night.

Master Mind

Thursday, January 9, 2014
This is pretty much my dream bedroom.

image via Pottery Barn
Do you hear the angels singing like I do?  So neutral and cozy!  I have a decent start on setting the tone in our master.  We have a distressed black media armoire (similar to this) and we purchased the Pottery Barn Silk Grommet Curtains in Brownstone (they are already hung and in place).  Now all we need is a fabulous bed, nightstands (I'm completely obsessed with pull-out trays) and some great accessories to make the room feel done and tasteful.  Shop my dream room inspired pieces below!

2013 Year In Review

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
My year in review.  2013 was a good year, which I am thankful for b/c odd years are historically not my favorites.  However, a lot of positive things transpired in my life.  We built a gorgeous home and moved to a lovely albeit country-ish community.  Both my husband and I have been able to spend more time with friends and family due to our move. 

I watched my son turn one year old.  As of today, Dax is 75 weeks old (I like to say that b/c it drives my husband crazy – to him, he is just one) and is thriving.  He’s such a funny little big guy.  He was 33 pounds at his 15 month well baby visit and still growing like a weed.  I love his intelligence too.  He has a handheld “computer” that he loves to play with and repeats almost every letter/number/animal sound it makes.  His vocabulary is great for his age and he can say his name, mama, dada, Papa, Nana, GiGi, Pawpaw, uh-oh, bye-bye, eat, shoes, teeth, stinky, mmm… good, bubba (as in Bubble Guppies), the list goes on.  He can brush his teeth (you know, sort-of) and feed himself with a spoon (still messy but he gets the job done).  Reading is one of his favorite activities.  We started reading to him from day 5 – as soon as we got home from the hospital.  I highly recommend it.  He loves books and received a ton of them for Christmas. 

I’ve also had a good year with my business start-up.  Sure, I haven’t made any real money but I’ve had a blast and reaffirmed that what I want to eventually do is run it full-time.  My blog has grown a bit.  I have more readers and more interest in my style posts, especially.  You get what you give so I know I need to give more but time does get away from me as blogging is low on the priority list.

I’m pretty proud of myself for losing 25 pounds in 2013.  It’s not that I thought the baby weight would just come off but I thought it would eventually come off.  Well, yes it did once I started working out and drinking my Shakeology religiously.  I was a Beachbody Coach for a while and I wholeheartedly believe in their products.  My program of choice was Slim in 6 and like I said, I drank my chocolate Shakeology every morning.  It worked so great for me but I fell off and stopped working out and drinking my shakes and I slowly gained 4 pounds toward the end of the year.  Boo… hiss!

Things I’m looking forward to this year, you know, 2014 (these are not resolutions):  Potty-training!  I know it will take a couple of years for Dax to be completely self-sufficient on the toilet but I’m excited about beginning to teach him such a major milestone.  This year we are going to take a family vacation so I‘m looking forward to planning it.  We’ll probably go somewhere in Texas so we can drive and make our lives easy.  I don’t think I’m ready to get on a plane with the baby yet.  Maybe next year…  I’m definitely looking to grow Frenchrum Emporium.  This will take baby steps but I plan on adding more home goods type of inventory and focusing on designing and sewing my own clothing for resale. 

Both the hubs and I are determined to work on our fitness and lose a bit of weight by our Anniversary next month.  We decided to focus on this goal before the New Year.  No reason to wait to lose weight!  More than anything, we need to continue getting our house in order.  I’m so disappointed that we are still so unorganized after living in our home for almost a year.  Again, time just gets away from me but hopefully, I can use some of the upcoming holidays (MLK's B-day and President's Day) to clean, sort, organize and continue decorating.

So there it is, however pedestrian and generically suburban it seems, life has been pretty good.  I count my blessings daily and give all glory to God.  May you all be blessed for the coming year!
Random Icy Backyard pic