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Lately Loving... including Palmolive® soft touch™

Friday, May 17, 2013
Obvi, loving my little man.  He's getting so big and luckily, sleeping well in his crib upstairs.  I'll just sit and stare at the baby monitor, make sure he's breathing (yes, I still do that) and watch him sleep.  By the way, at his Well baby visit this past Monday (9 months), he weighed in at 26.8 pounds.  My little linebacker is solid, I tell ya.  Such a chunk of pure love!  And... I cannot blame his PJ ensemble on my husband.  This is the mom has not had time to do a lot of laundry PJs look.  Also, loving his crib (Bonavita Sheffield) and bedding (Pottery Barn).

Another Pottery Barn purchase, my little spice jars.  Can't wait to fill 'em up!

Fish tacos.  I love fish tacos.  That is all.

And check out the great products I received c/o Influenster.  Two full-size Palmolive® soft touch™.  I've got coupons to hand out too.  I might even share one of these bad boys.  I use the regular Anti-bacterial Palmolive so I was happy to receive this! 

I am admittedly obsessed with Chocolate Shakeology.  It's delicious (especially with a half of a sliced frozen banana blended in it) and so full of wonderful benefits including over 70 natural ingredients and it's helping me lose weight.  I just can't sing it's praises enough.  Loving it.

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