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Monday, April 8, 2013
My sweet little man is eight months old.  How crazy is that?  Time really does fly the first year of a baby's life.  I think it's because of how fast they grow in the first year and all the milestones they reach so quickly.  For my Daxie, it will be just around the corner hitting that year mark.  I'm savoring every minute of him.  The amount of love I have for him is truly immeasurable.  He's my dream! 

Here are some recent pics of my sweet baby boy for you to delight in, as I know you will!
Where are my legs? (Feb 16)
Crazy bed head hair (Feb 28)
I love my Elmo book (Mar 2)
I love my Daddy (Mar 2)
Mommy found me napping with my Lil Peanut in Austin (Mar 17)
Kisses for my Pooh (Mar 21)
And I chillax (Mar 30)
Happy Easter! (Mar 31)
And I crawl! (Apr 6)


  1. WHAT?? He's crawling now!!!! Get it Daxie Baby!!

    1. Slowly but surely... he's getting there!