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Raising the Bar

Friday, January 18, 2013
I cannot wait to have a party at the new crib!  This past weekend we bought a great piece of furniture that is perfect for entertaining:  the Porter Bar from Ashley  Had to get the stools as well.

It was delivered a few days ago and we set it up in the game room.  Now all my husband needs to do is learn how to make an actual cocktail so he can get to work.  Here are some similar options (and one super fancy one).

Homestyles Home Styles Rio Vista Home Bar Espresso

Swing Open Portable Home Bar

St. Croix Bar

Howard Miller Sonoma Home Bar

BTW, planning a housewarming party sometime very soon, so stay-tuned.  The bar will be used.  Very much so.


  1. WOW! It is gorgeous!!!
    I love the St croix bar one! I recently got an island table, and I think this would have been an amazing option :/

    1. I really like the St. Croix bar too. I love black furniture and am trying to steer myself away from having so much of it. Thanx for reading!

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