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Holiday Dinner Party

Monday, December 24, 2012

One of my gorgeous besties, Kelly and I are starting a party planning business called Fête and Festive.  To kick off some of our creative juices, we decided to throw a Dinner Party for a few of our girlfriends.  We had a limited space so we had a small guest list which made planning a breeze.
We had a few phone pow-wows and emails on the menu and decor and that was it.  Kel suggested a peacock-ish color scheme based on the gorgeous aqua of her mother's China.  This was a dinner party, y'all and no paper plates.  I loved that we featured an entrée (Balsamic Slow Cooked Roast Beef) rather than all hor d'oeuvres and we had an actual cocktail hour.  Fancy menu and planning aside, it was a very fun and casual party that I loved being a part of.  And true to form with my girls, the night ended with lots of dancing (although it was while playing Dance Party 4 on the Wii).

BTW - the necklace is Bauble Bar


I even made a little card for the goodie bags featuring our own Instagram hashtag #KelCamHolidayParty.

French Moroccan Family Room

Thursday, December 20, 2012
We should be closing on the house in a week.  I am beyond excited.  Not even sure there is a word for it.  A house, a HOME, for Christmas.  So blessed I am.  Read Ephesians 2:8 and you will know how I feel.  

I am so ready to furnish our new mini-mansion and I created an inspiration board for the family room.  This will be one of the most important rooms to finish quickly.  My last home had a definite French Country feel to it in the family room and kitchen, although quite contemporary with no traditional blue and yellow (see pics here).  I want to keep a sense of some French country design but I wanted a new and fresh theme as well.  I thought a Moroccan feel to the family room would be great to transition from a French Country-ish kitchen.  Although Morocco never really was colonized by the French, the two have an intertwined history which makes for a perfect design theme.

Here are some of the items featured and more Moroccan inspired pieces:

I also drew from the colors of the kitchen which features dark Ebony cabinets and golden charcoal granite.  What do you think about the color palette and overall design plan?  

Get It, Got It: Winter Work Wear

Monday, December 17, 2012
I'm starting a new series, "Get It, Got It."  I'm taking some aspirational pieces and virtually styling them with pieces I already own.  Maybe I will eventually purchase the the "Get It" items and blog an outfit post.  Or maybe I'll just have fun dreaming.

Got It:  Vintage clutch (gifted) similar here; mark. Earrings; Loft Mustard Suede Pumps (similar here and here); YuniKelley Gold bracelet; Eddie Borgo Ring c/o Moda Operandi

Jewelry Gift Guide for Her

Thursday, December 13, 2012
You cannot go wrong giving jewelry to your mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend... you get my point.  Here are some affordable pieces I thought were super lovely if you still need some gift ideas.  Most are under $100.

Grammar Love

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
I saw the pic below on Pinterest today and thought I would share a funny story.

On Thanksgiving morning, I put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror so my husband would find it and profess his love for me and tell me how thoughtful and sweet I was.  It said, "I am Thankful for you."  Well, it really said, "I am Thankfull for you."  So when my husband saw it and brought it to my attention, the first thing he says to me is, "Babe, you spelled a word wrong."  Derp...  And this is why he is perfect for me.  I am usually a Grammar Nazi and he bested me this time.  But after he called me out, he did profess his love for me and tell me how thoughtful and sweet I was.  It was just in the midst of a lot of laughter and head shaking.


Monday, December 3, 2012
I know I have been Missing In Action for the most part the last week or so.  I have been deep in party planning mode and dealing with a sick baby (although you would never know it by his awesome attitude) and basically just being a very domestic mom and wife.  My husband was on vacation all last week so I really enjoyed spending more time with him.  Alas, my blogging suffered a bit but I hope to get back in the swing of things, especially for the Holidays which is my favorite time of year.  To help me get my blogging feet wet again, I thought I would post the most fabulous Holiday shoe.  Do not get these wet, however.

Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Pump