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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
I am 11 weeks old today and having a blast!

Hitting the 2 1/2 months mark sure is fun.  I eat a lot, about 32 ounces everyday, so I'm a little chunk of love that can do all sorts of things.  My smiles are off the charts.  I coo and "talk" all the time.  Squealing is a favorite pastime and I like to engage in the occasional chuckle as well.  I can hold on to my toys and I've started to manipulate them to go where I want them to go, mostly in my mouth.  Yummers!  My mom loves it when I pull up grasping her fingers with my hands.  Yesterday, while reclining in the Boppy, I even sat up all by myself, although I quickly fell back down on the pillow.  It was good times.  

My dad is super hilarious and I laugh at him non-stop.  He doesn't perform for me like mommy does but he's very witty and I appreciate his humor.  Mommy's performances are Tony worthy.  Is she a Broadway star?  She should be.  I am mesmerized by her singing and dancing and she sings a lot!  Which is great because I need to be entertained now that I'm staying awake much longer.  I've been sleeping through the night for a while now and I'm glad b/c it really helps mommy out.  I know she feels so blessed at what a sweet angel I am.  I think I'll stay this way at least until I'm 13.


  1. I'll have to remember to ask him these questions when he turns 13!! HaHa!

  2. Oh Gosh! Lol...that wood be a hoot.