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Monday, October 22, 2012

I’m on a mission.  I need to convince my husband to let us get a French Bulldog (hereafter referred to as a Frenchie) when the baby turns one-ish.  He just doesn’t like them or any brachycephalic dog really.  We watched Dogs 101 on Animal Planet and it helped my case a bit.  But not enough.  Yes, he learned that they are affectionate and relatively low key.  But he still says no.  So rude. 

So now, my almost ten month campaign begins.  Must convince Felton to let me get the little doggie of my dreams.  Here’s how I begin. 

Start wearing this sweater:

-Send him lots of pictures of Frenchie puppies (they are adorable beyond!)

-Send him even more Youtube videos of Frenchies playing with babies.
-Decorate Dax’s nursery with a Frenchie theme.  Ok, probably not going to do this but it’s still brilliant.
-Find Frenchie owners who will give me testimonials about what wonderful pets they make and give an overview of these to Felton once month.  

I think my tenancity will help me with this endeavor.  If not, my back-up dog is a Lab.

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