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On My Radar

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Liking these.  A.  Lot.
Especially those Vince Leather Jogging pants. Oh siznap!!

So Ready

Friday, October 26, 2012
Original Image from here

I am so ready for this weekend.  It was a long week for me.  My little one had his first cold that started last Thursday and he is just now getting over it.  I am so tired.  I am downright sleepy!  So armed with a nice cup of Johan, I am ready to tackle this day and start my weekend.  There are no big plans in our future.  Maybe a nice lunch at Copeland's in Southlake on Saturday and a trip to Frisco Hills on Sunday to check on the house.  I may actually venture out to get some cardio and do some shopping and get in a real workout or two.  I will, as always, get in some online shopping and major internet-ernizing.  To piggy back off of my dear cousin and photographer, Shayla of Shayla J. Photography, I decided to share a few weekend links so you can internet-ernize as well...

The Animal Print Shop
- just the cutest collection of animal photography ever.  I can't wait until we get in the house so I can get a print for Dax's room.

- a great site where you can shop for products endorsed by celebrities and experts.  I've purchased a couple of great items that I was so happy with - a glass cake stand and some very cool earrings.  Lots of great items to check out.

Half Baked - The Cake Blog - cakes and confections and dreamy sweet pics.  Love this blog.  

Hostess with the Mostess® - party pics and ideas galore.  Lots of free printables too.  While you're at it, check out some pics of my baby shower here.

People - for all your celebrity gossip and fashion as well as some actual real news thrown in occasionally.  I love to judge celebs and hear about their baby bumps (so happy for Lisa Ling, btw).  I'm just being honest.

Alrighty roo, that wraps it up for me.  Hope you guys have a blessed and fantastic weekend!


Thursday, October 25, 2012
Some pics of the house...



Real progress.  So now they need to finsh the brick and stone and then they'll do the wood floors and cabinets and then paint and tile...I think.  Hurry up house.  I am so tired of living in an apartment that is basically storage.  We are so in limbo.  I need space.  Country-burbs here we come.

Slim in Sixty

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
I have steadily lost weight after the baby but at a snails pace.  Granted, I've only worked out twice since having the baby but I'm trying to get motivated to do a lot more.  Luckily, I only have one size to go.  Major motivations are fashion, of course.  While Girl with Curves can make anything look good, she has a great figure.  Right now, I do not.  So I'm not necessarily upset about being larger than normal, but my shape is all whacked out.  Need to get these stomach muscles working again.  Also, I have a destination wedding to attend next summer in the Dominican Republic that I am so excited for.  I need to make sure I look nice for my cousin as I am her Matron of Honor but I need to look nice for my hubs and for a swimsuit as well, although it will certainly be a one-peice.  I don't have time to get my stretch marks lasered before then.  Ha!

"They" say give yourself time, don't set time limits on postpartum weight loss and the baby is worth it.  Yes the baby is worth it but it still doesn't mean I'm content looking the way I do.  I want Dax to have a cute mom - no frumps allowed.  I am a bit depressed about my body right now.  It's just a fact.  I'm trying not to obsess especially since I can do more about it.  So, I'm giving myself two months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which was still overweight anyway but at least I have styilsh clothes I can wear.  And in the months following, I will continue to work out, shape up and get healthy.  This post is for accountability.  I'm putting it out here in the blogosphere and so it shall be.    

Campaign Trail

Monday, October 22, 2012

I’m on a mission.  I need to convince my husband to let us get a French Bulldog (hereafter referred to as a Frenchie) when the baby turns one-ish.  He just doesn’t like them or any brachycephalic dog really.  We watched Dogs 101 on Animal Planet and it helped my case a bit.  But not enough.  Yes, he learned that they are affectionate and relatively low key.  But he still says no.  So rude. 

So now, my almost ten month campaign begins.  Must convince Felton to let me get the little doggie of my dreams.  Here’s how I begin. 

Start wearing this sweater:

-Send him lots of pictures of Frenchie puppies (they are adorable beyond!)

-Send him even more Youtube videos of Frenchies playing with babies.
-Decorate Dax’s nursery with a Frenchie theme.  Ok, probably not going to do this but it’s still brilliant.
-Find Frenchie owners who will give me testimonials about what wonderful pets they make and give an overview of these to Felton once month.  

I think my tenancity will help me with this endeavor.  If not, my back-up dog is a Lab.

Daxie Baby

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
I am 11 weeks old today and having a blast!

Hitting the 2 1/2 months mark sure is fun.  I eat a lot, about 32 ounces everyday, so I'm a little chunk of love that can do all sorts of things.  My smiles are off the charts.  I coo and "talk" all the time.  Squealing is a favorite pastime and I like to engage in the occasional chuckle as well.  I can hold on to my toys and I've started to manipulate them to go where I want them to go, mostly in my mouth.  Yummers!  My mom loves it when I pull up grasping her fingers with my hands.  Yesterday, while reclining in the Boppy, I even sat up all by myself, although I quickly fell back down on the pillow.  It was good times.  

My dad is super hilarious and I laugh at him non-stop.  He doesn't perform for me like mommy does but he's very witty and I appreciate his humor.  Mommy's performances are Tony worthy.  Is she a Broadway star?  She should be.  I am mesmerized by her singing and dancing and she sings a lot!  Which is great because I need to be entertained now that I'm staying awake much longer.  I've been sleeping through the night for a while now and I'm glad b/c it really helps mommy out.  I know she feels so blessed at what a sweet angel I am.  I think I'll stay this way at least until I'm 13.

Casual Color Block

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Get on the color-block bandwagon while still trendy.  Here's a semi-casual look for you to try.

Cocooner Collections: Clutches

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Last month I bought a new clutch and it got me wondering, how many clutches are appropriate for one to own? I took stock of my own collection of clutches and the count is only at ten, however one is missing since the move and I have no idea where it is. It is a little black suede number c/o Talbots. Missing clutch aside, here are some close-ups of my little beauties.

Yes, the Versus "bag" is actually a sunglass(es) case but I love it as a clutch.  The curve fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

The tiger stripe bag is by far my favorite.  It's vintage, given to me by my Aunt about six years ago.  See similar styles here, here and here.

It is in such good condition.  The lining is a nice hunter green color and is a faille fabric you don't see too often in linings.

Ok, now back to my question.  How many clutches do you own?

Coming Up Roses

Monday, October 8, 2012
I am obsessed with Rose Gold lately.  I think the watch started it all.  And after a fresh new do, thanx to Kelly of Bella Hair Salon in McKinney, I felt like showing off my hair and my rose gold accessories a bit.

sunnies: Tom Ford Iris, earrings: similar here; lippie: Buxom Amber, ring: JewelMint, nail polish: OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, flats: ASOS Lucky Rose Gold