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The Indispensables: Baby Gear

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Now that I've been a mother for almost two months (yay!) I feel I can objectively review a few baby items I find absolutely necessary.

Wipes warmer:  I've read and heard that this is not a necessary purchase and I beg to differ.  Maybe other people's babies aren't like mine and scream to high heaven when a cold wipe touches their bum.  Not sure.  My little tyke has certainly appreciated a warm wipe, as do my ears.

Swaddle wrap:  In our case, the SwaddleMe, is a true God send.  It is easy to use and baby Dax sleeps so well at night as long as he's swaddled.  Without it, he moves so much and just doesn't stay sleep very long at all.  It has really helped us get into and maintain a good sleep routine. Luckily, now that he's a bit older, he sleeps fairly well and doesn't break out of the swaddle much at all anymore.

Feeding Pillow:  Both my husband and I love the Boppy (also seen above) for feeding time.  We formula feed so it makes feeding time easy and comfy.  My husband is a big guy so he has to use it a bit differently as it does not fit around his waste but he can still use it properly.  He also can be seen using it as a headrest and we sometimes use it for tummy time for the baby so it serves triple duty.

Rocker/Bouncer:  We did not have a rocker/bounce/swing for a while until I bought a Fisher-Price one a few weeks ago.  This was one of the best purchases I've made.  I kept feeling like Dax would get bored so easily after putting him down.  Sometimes you need a break and when he's in the rocker, I get it and I know he's entertained.  At least before he falls asleep.  He loves to be rocked so I rock him with my feet.  I wish it did rock on its own like a swing but it has a small footprint in our small space so we deal.  The chair does have a vibration setting but Dax doesn't seem to care about it one way or the other.  For the low cost, this was a good buy.

Lightweight Blanket:  As much as I love Aden + Anais swaddles, I don't love them for swaddling.  My son will not stay swaddled in a regular blanket for one minute (see above SwaddleMe wrap).  However, I love, love, love them for so many other reasons.  I love that they are made from bamboo fiber.  They are so soft and keep getting softer after a washing.  I love using them to cover the baby while in his rocker when the cool A/C kicks on (see above pic) or when we are cuddling.  I love how generously sized they are so you can essentially control the warmth you want your baby to get by folding it or unfolding it.  Because they are so generously sized, they can be used as a stroller blanket or even nursing cover.  I love the design of the Mela collection I bought.  See, lots of love.

Just a quick note about diapers and bottles.  My fave brand of diapers is Pampers and I love the Swaddlers with the wetness indicator.  They keep the little bum quite dry.   As for bottles, I bought a Dr. Brown's starter set but they are just ok.  I use them but they are not my fave because of all the trouble washing them.  I prefer the Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature bottles.  They are easy to use and wash and I haven't noticed ay difference in the amount Dax burps or spits up versus the Dr. Brown's bottles. 

The above mentioned items are just my faves and really help me take care of baby and maintain my sanity.  Ha!  Also, these are just my personal opinions.  Did I mention Dax will be two months old in less than a week?  So exciting.


  1. Have you heard of the woombie swaddle?? My friends turned me onto it for my 2nd baby and I don't know how I would've survived without it. It is truly amazing!!

    1. I had not heard of it. Just googled it. So neat that they can't break out of it. I wish I had that from the beginning. Thanx for recommending!

  2. Ohh soo sweet.