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Setting the Stage

Friday, September 14, 2012
Earlier this week I made my first official purchase specifically for our new home.  Granted, we won't be moving in for a while.  It won't be finished until November-ish and hopefully we will be able to close and move in at that time as well.  However, I am so excited about decorating that the hubs and I have already started space planning and have developed a design plan.  Seriously.  I figure, I can get some inexpensive decor and small accessories to help us set the tone.  That way, we are not spending a lot of money or taking up much space in the apartment but we get our decorating and shopping fix.  Anywho, here is the first item I purchased for our living room (what others call family room). 

From here
Its is a Giclée print of a vintage reproduction French poster.  I love the greys and golden yellows.  We are want a Moroccan feel to the living room.  This art should also help tie in our French Country Contemporary Kitchen, which is open to the living room. 

Here is a another teaser. 
Wall Stencil
I plan on stenciling a wall as an accent.  I'm even looking forward to the DIY/sweat equity projects.  Keep reading for more teasers, pics and updates on Château D'Evans...  Next up, the Nursery teasers for baby Dax.

*update - I forgot that I bought this little number a few weeks ago, so the print is actually my second official purchase.  This little golden gem is the kick start of inspiration for the formal living/dining room.
via Etsy

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