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Monday, September 10, 2012
and I'm an Aliens-a-holic.  What is wrong with me?  Every time the movie Aliens comes on television, I watch it.  And I have it on DVD.  And I would really like the quadrilogy on blu-ray.  By the way, it's on and I'm watching as I write this.  I can't explain it but I have such good memories of this movie from when I was young.  I was in third or fourth grade when I saw it on VHS at a slumber party and it was such a blast.  I've always loved scary movies but Aliens was so kick-ass with Sigourney Weaver and "Newt" surviving and all that.  I even remember making a joke about the aliens needing to brush their teeth and all the other little girls and the mom laughing. 

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There is no way for me to even keep track of how many time I've seen this movie.  We are in the triple digits I'm sure.  This has to be some sort of obsessive compulsive issue.  If I had a girl, I even thought about naming her Ripley.  Although the hubs thinks I'm nuts for watching this movie so much, he didn't disapprove of the potential girl's name.  He really does think I'm weird though.  Rightly so. 

What am I going to do when my son gets bigger and can begin to make fun of me as well?  I'm not ready to give up on watching this movie.  I love it every single time.  I'm sure when Dax is five, I'll have it in on whatever new format is out at that time, as well as the blu-ray I hope to receive for Christmas this year (if my husband reads this). 

Well, I just had to confess this to the world.  I can't say that I feel better.  This blog has taken my attention away from watching the movie, after all.  Luckily, I know what's about to happen.  "They're coming out of the walls."  Ok, gotta go...

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