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Saturday, September 29, 2012
I love a tunic  For my body type (long-legged apple), they are perfect for balancing my proportions.  They are also great for gals who just love a casual, comfy silhouette.  Here are some great tunics to help you transition into the cooler weather.

The Indispensables: Baby Gear

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Now that I've been a mother for almost two months (yay!) I feel I can objectively review a few baby items I find absolutely necessary.

Wipes warmer:  I've read and heard that this is not a necessary purchase and I beg to differ.  Maybe other people's babies aren't like mine and scream to high heaven when a cold wipe touches their bum.  Not sure.  My little tyke has certainly appreciated a warm wipe, as do my ears.

Swaddle wrap:  In our case, the SwaddleMe, is a true God send.  It is easy to use and baby Dax sleeps so well at night as long as he's swaddled.  Without it, he moves so much and just doesn't stay sleep very long at all.  It has really helped us get into and maintain a good sleep routine. Luckily, now that he's a bit older, he sleeps fairly well and doesn't break out of the swaddle much at all anymore.

Feeding Pillow:  Both my husband and I love the Boppy (also seen above) for feeding time.  We formula feed so it makes feeding time easy and comfy.  My husband is a big guy so he has to use it a bit differently as it does not fit around his waste but he can still use it properly.  He also can be seen using it as a headrest and we sometimes use it for tummy time for the baby so it serves triple duty.

Rocker/Bouncer:  We did not have a rocker/bounce/swing for a while until I bought a Fisher-Price one a few weeks ago.  This was one of the best purchases I've made.  I kept feeling like Dax would get bored so easily after putting him down.  Sometimes you need a break and when he's in the rocker, I get it and I know he's entertained.  At least before he falls asleep.  He loves to be rocked so I rock him with my feet.  I wish it did rock on its own like a swing but it has a small footprint in our small space so we deal.  The chair does have a vibration setting but Dax doesn't seem to care about it one way or the other.  For the low cost, this was a good buy.

Lightweight Blanket:  As much as I love Aden + Anais swaddles, I don't love them for swaddling.  My son will not stay swaddled in a regular blanket for one minute (see above SwaddleMe wrap).  However, I love, love, love them for so many other reasons.  I love that they are made from bamboo fiber.  They are so soft and keep getting softer after a washing.  I love using them to cover the baby while in his rocker when the cool A/C kicks on (see above pic) or when we are cuddling.  I love how generously sized they are so you can essentially control the warmth you want your baby to get by folding it or unfolding it.  Because they are so generously sized, they can be used as a stroller blanket or even nursing cover.  I love the design of the Mela collection I bought.  See, lots of love.

Just a quick note about diapers and bottles.  My fave brand of diapers is Pampers and I love the Swaddlers with the wetness indicator.  They keep the little bum quite dry.   As for bottles, I bought a Dr. Brown's starter set but they are just ok.  I use them but they are not my fave because of all the trouble washing them.  I prefer the Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature bottles.  They are easy to use and wash and I haven't noticed ay difference in the amount Dax burps or spits up versus the Dr. Brown's bottles. 

The above mentioned items are just my faves and really help me take care of baby and maintain my sanity.  Ha!  Also, these are just my personal opinions.  Did I mention Dax will be two months old in less than a week?  So exciting.


Friday, September 21, 2012
Thanx to Olivia Palermo who was in London for S/S 2013 fashion week, I am completely obsessed with Colorblock Cap Toe Pumps.

I could not locate who these are by despite many efforts.  I did find a couple of really good alternatives in shades of grey for a fairly reasonable budget.

Maybe a bit pricey for some but so perfect. 

Super affordable and so close to the one above.

On the Cuff

Monday, September 17, 2012
I came across this in the October Issue of Lucky. 
Gilded Lace by Monika Knutsson

It's reminiscent of the cuff I made for my wedding.  Of course, mine is the low cost version.  Very interesting.  I guess I should have thought about making more and selling them...  See the original full post to my DIY painted lace cuff here.

Setting the Stage

Friday, September 14, 2012
Earlier this week I made my first official purchase specifically for our new home.  Granted, we won't be moving in for a while.  It won't be finished until November-ish and hopefully we will be able to close and move in at that time as well.  However, I am so excited about decorating that the hubs and I have already started space planning and have developed a design plan.  Seriously.  I figure, I can get some inexpensive decor and small accessories to help us set the tone.  That way, we are not spending a lot of money or taking up much space in the apartment but we get our decorating and shopping fix.  Anywho, here is the first item I purchased for our living room (what others call family room). 

From here
Its is a Giclée print of a vintage reproduction French poster.  I love the greys and golden yellows.  We are want a Moroccan feel to the living room.  This art should also help tie in our French Country Contemporary Kitchen, which is open to the living room. 

Here is a another teaser. 
Wall Stencil
I plan on stenciling a wall as an accent.  I'm even looking forward to the DIY/sweat equity projects.  Keep reading for more teasers, pics and updates on Château D'Evans...  Next up, the Nursery teasers for baby Dax.

*update - I forgot that I bought this little number a few weeks ago, so the print is actually my second official purchase.  This little golden gem is the kick start of inspiration for the formal living/dining room.
via Etsy

Hi, My Name is Camille...

Monday, September 10, 2012
and I'm an Aliens-a-holic.  What is wrong with me?  Every time the movie Aliens comes on television, I watch it.  And I have it on DVD.  And I would really like the quadrilogy on blu-ray.  By the way, it's on and I'm watching as I write this.  I can't explain it but I have such good memories of this movie from when I was young.  I was in third or fourth grade when I saw it on VHS at a slumber party and it was such a blast.  I've always loved scary movies but Aliens was so kick-ass with Sigourney Weaver and "Newt" surviving and all that.  I even remember making a joke about the aliens needing to brush their teeth and all the other little girls and the mom laughing. 

Image from here

There is no way for me to even keep track of how many time I've seen this movie.  We are in the triple digits I'm sure.  This has to be some sort of obsessive compulsive issue.  If I had a girl, I even thought about naming her Ripley.  Although the hubs thinks I'm nuts for watching this movie so much, he didn't disapprove of the potential girl's name.  He really does think I'm weird though.  Rightly so. 

What am I going to do when my son gets bigger and can begin to make fun of me as well?  I'm not ready to give up on watching this movie.  I love it every single time.  I'm sure when Dax is five, I'll have it in on whatever new format is out at that time, as well as the blu-ray I hope to receive for Christmas this year (if my husband reads this). 

Well, I just had to confess this to the world.  I can't say that I feel better.  This blog has taken my attention away from watching the movie, after all.  Luckily, I know what's about to happen.  "They're coming out of the walls."  Ok, gotta go...

Out and About

Friday, September 7, 2012
Five weeks postpartum and I look about five months pregnant.  However, I decided to brave the public and actually go somewhere that did not have a produce section.  I headed out to join the Fashion's Night Out festivities at Southlake Town Square.  Originally, I wanted to go to Northpark Mall in Dallas but my body and wardrobe were just not ready.  Luckily, my gal pal Heather was totes ok with the change of venue and she picked me up in her fancy little ride and we headed out to see what the what was.

How cute is she?  This little car is so perfect for my girl...  2012 FIAT 500 By Gucci - love!

Below are some pics of my accessories - some Instagrammed.  No full length shots of me yet.  Not a chance.

earrings:  Jewelmint; watch: Michael Kors (similar here); bracelets: here and similar here

bag: Balenciaga (similar here); ring: Jewelmint; belly: c/o baby Dax

leggings:  Topshop Maternity; Shoes: Apepazza via Last Call - old

and Miss Heather:
I love the red and turquoise combo and her jumpsuit is so cute (similar here)

The green carpet.

This pic is funny.  I had to get a shot of the "fashionable" gentlemen behind Heather.  He was workin' that shirt.

A shot right before the fashion show and man, it was hot outside.  Designers Hilari Younger and Mikel from HGTV's Design Star were there.  I suppose Interior Design and Fashion go hand in hand.

I had to actually do some shopping so I bought a little something I've been coveting for a while now.  La la love!!!
 Coach Legacy Leather Large Clutch in sunflower

It was a fun night.  I'm glad I got out of the house and at least put on makeup.  It wasn't a confidence building evening but Heather made sure that we would speak very loudly about the fact that I just had a baby if I needed her too.  Several shops had special offers but we really didn't stop in a lot of places.  Heather did grab a cute sweater at J Crew.  We were both disappointed that most of the stores that said they would have champs and nibbles didn't.  Champagne really would have been lovely.  Oh well.  Hopefully next year, I'll get out and shop Northpark for FNO.


Thursday, September 6, 2012
The Vogue Influencer Network has teamed up with J Brand to make sure you know all about the hot leather trend for Fall 2012.

I'm not sure if I can pull off leather jeans. Not really great for most postpartum bodies I should say. But that doesn't mean I can't ogle and ooh and aah from afar. The collection features lots of leather and suede looks that are right on trend. Go check it out for yourself.

As Time Goes By

Monday, September 3, 2012
My baby is one month old!  It has been such a dream and a blessing to be a mother and to watch my husband be a father to our little boy.  And what a character this little boy is already.  He's feisty like me, for sure.  I can't wait to see if he keeps that trait in his personality as he grows. 

Motherhood has been great.  My only issue is lack of sleep and I was already used to that being pregnant, as I did not sleep well at all especially in the last trimester.  All the other changes we've gone through are fairly routine at this point.  Diaper changes, meh...  Loud crying, whatevs.  It's just so cool being a parent to such a cute little fella. 

Click here for pics of my little dude's newborn session.  It was a few weeks ago and he's already so much bigger but they are wonderful images.  More recent pics to come...