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Saturday, July 14, 2012
I found an old newsletter I sent from when I had my Carmen Colletti Business back in 2006 and thought an article I wrote would be worth sharing even today, in the middle of July, "The Only Resolutions You Need":

  • Embrace sophistication
    I still enjoy low-rise jeans but c'mon...we’ve all seen enough butt crack. That is all.
  • Dress like a movie star
    You are just as cute as they are. Really. Wear what they wear. You’ll start feeling like a movie star in no time.
  • Cinch that waist
    Look at a few Marilyn Monroe pics and you will see why hourglass figures are back. Try this. Immediately!
  • Get your head right
    Make an appointment with your stylist to determine a cut and product routine that will help you make the most of what Mother Nature gave you.  My favorite stylist is Kelly, owner of Bella Hair Salon in McKinney - 214.228.9052. 

  • My hair after a Keratin Treatment by Kelly

  • Spend your dough where it counts
    You should spend more for good Shoes, Handbags and Jeans. Quality matters. For trendy clothing and accessories, be a bargain babe! 

  • Posh Purchases:
    Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Leather Pumps
    Reed Krakoff 'Boxer' Tricolor Leather Satchel
    TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Jimi Flare Jeans
    Bargain Buys:
    Peplum Top
    Wrap Dress
    Shimmer Bib Necklace

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