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Monday, July 23, 2012
Get ready for the "woe is me."  Here I am sitting on my couch, typing on my laptop, feeling fairly miserable.  My wrists and ankles are sore.  I can hardly see because my vision is blurry and my eyes are so tired from lack of sleep.  My vagina bones hurt.  (Joke - I know there is no such thing as vagina bones).  Really my whole pelvic region is just sore, sore, sore.  If Jabba the Hut could walk, he'd be doing a good impression of me right now.  The waddle is outrageous.  It used to be a simple duck-like waddle but nuh uh, we have progressed onto seal like status.  Or more accurately, walrus like waddling.  Today was my first day of maternity leave and although very bored, I was more comfortable at home than at work.

I am just so ready for this baby.  Luckily, he's moving and grooving as he should be and that gives me comfort, however uncomfortable it may be.  I definitely envy ladies who have easy pregnancies.  I really hope they know how lucky and blessed they are.  I haven't spoken about my misery all that much b/c I don't want to jinx anything or come off as ungrateful but man, pregnancy was/is just not my cup of tea.  Thankfully, my Mr. is taking good care of me.  Still, I'm ready for my baby!

Anywho, as you are sitting there feeling sorry for me and hopefully praying for me, let me show you some of the temporary set-up that little Mr. Dax will be calling home.

His bassinet is in our master bedroom here at the apartment.  The secondary bedroom is being used for storage.  I love the bassinet.  We were originally going to use it as a co-sleeper but sadly there was not enough room.  We bought a small organizer for clothes, blankets and diapers.  It's going to function well for the time being but I cannot wait to get a proper nursery together.  Hopefully, this arrangement is only going to be for a few more months and then our house will be ready.  Our current living room looks like an episode of hoarders so if you visit us at the apartment, be warned and don't judge.  We are not unpacking because we are turning around and moving again so soon.

So, the hubs and I are anxiously awaiting our first born.  We are as ready as we're gonna be.  Did I mention that I just want my baby?

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