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Friday, June 29, 2012
I am thrilled to introduce guest blogger, Heather Joy Hampton to the Cocooners!  Heather is not only a wonderful friend that I've known since 5th grade but she's also an author and a gorgeous red head - hey, I like to surround myself with pretties.  I was so proud of her for writing her first novel, Marina Girl (available on amazon and  It is such a good read that is at times light-hearted and hilarious and at other times, very emotional and earnest.  How cool is it to have a published writer guest edit my blog?  I say very!  Without further ado, Miss Heather Joy:

illustration by Livia Hajovsky
I would like to start off with a shout out to my dear sweet friend and beloved blogger.  Love ya, kid.  Camille and I bonded over fashion in elementary school.  Even back then, she had swagger and style.  Don't ask me how home slice pulled off being a sophisticated 5th grader, but she did.  That's just how Camille rolls.  It wasn't the labels on her back that made Camille sophisticated, it was how she carried herself.  20 plus years later, I admire Camille's style more than ever.  Now beautiful Camille is having a baby! Not only is she having a baby, she's having an August baby (holla to all the other Leos in the house!), so little newborn's go-to outfit will probably be a onesie.  As hot as it gets in Texas, that's what most of us will be wearing once the weather hits the triple digits. 

Coincidentally enough, one trend summer fashionistas have in common with the blessing growing in mama-to-be's tummy is the onesie/romper/jumper.  The onesie is all over fashion magazines right now as a summer trend.  Short romps, capri flowy, or wide leg jumpsuits, the romper is in, at least for this summer season, and perhaps next year.  Not sure this is a trend I would purchase as an investment wardrobe option, but for now, it's uber fashionable.  Plus it's a comfy option for summer! 

Don't get me wrong, this summer trend should be handled with delicate care, and accessorized within an inch of it's life.  Think chunky bangles, statement necklace, cocktail ring, and boo-ya hair paired with platform espadrilles and a holy mofo handbag. 

Situations like a romper demand respect, like the handbag that jackass you dated who thought buying you a gift with a comma in the price tag would compensate for being a jerk.  Chloe and Kate Spade can't cure a wandering eye, but they are the quintessential holy Batman! you own for curing a romper quandary. 

A romper that hits mid-thigh and lower looks super posh paired with chunky jewelry, stacked sandals or espadrilles, and a straw bag.

Rompers that hit higher on the thigh and metallic gladiators, or any flat fancy sandal looks sweet and summery. Maybe add a funky fishtail braid to make the look earthy.  And, well, if you are in the Lone Star state and want to rock a pair of cowboy boots with your romper, go for it!


Heather Joy

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